Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NC:Warning Shot Works for Open Carrier Outside of Asheville

Warning shots are always controversial.   I generally caution against them, but I keep finding instances where they are used to good effect.  Here is one that was related on the North Carolina forum by tiggy1190.  It occurred in Buncombe County, NC:

Forced to pull, and discharge outside of Asheville.

I wont go into all the details, but long story short. Drunk, and drugged up moron threatens me with a knife, then a gun, and advances towards me. I never saw the weapon, but his hands were behind his back the whole time. I knew I was just in taking a shot, but there were at least 30-50 onlookers standing behind him. I have a .40 Storm, and had 180g FMJ's in it that day due to working in the woods around bears. I had an overwhelming fear of over penetration, so I gave a warning shot to the ground just in front of him. He retreated like a scalded cat. So far the BCSD has been extremely positive, and supportive through all this. They said I made the right choice. I feel the same. Sadly, some of my chest pounding family seems to think I should have shot him irregardless. 
Just waiting on the SD to finish analyzing my weapon before they return it. All, but one officer that night supported me when the asked if I had a CCHP, and I stated "no, I OC".
Not only was the warning shot effective, but the Sheriff Deputies reinforced the decision.   It took 18 days for tiggy1190 to have his firearm returned.  That may seem long, given Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee County's advice, but it is positively speedy compared to most places.   It is not unusual for the return of a firearm to take months or years, and to be fought over in the courts.

Chock one up for the good guy!

Met with the BCSD yesterday morning, and was given back my weapon, magazine, bullets, the spent shell casing, and a thank you. I was asked if I wanted to carry it out in the bag, or holster it. So I put the magazine in, racked one, and walked out holstered. Now I gotta go to court soon to testify.
Police attitudes are becoming even more favorable toward armed citizens.  Tiggy1190 did not have a permission slip from the state in order to carry his personal defense firearm.  Notice that the Sheriff Department had no problem with him loading his firearm and holstering it before he left.   It is, after all, normal for them.

If you are involved in a shooting, it is going to take up some of your  time, even if everything works out pretty well, as it did in this case.   Using a firearm in self defense is a serious business.  

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Anonymous said...

Corpses are so damned incovenient. Prosecutor, grand jury, petit jury. Even if you're exonerated, you've gone to a great deal of expense. However, I'm still dubious about warning shots, even though I think the guy made the right decision.