Friday, November 21, 2014

OH:Store Owner Loses Gunfight

Distance is your friend in a gunfight.  The good guys do not always win.

“I see the guy reach in his pockets. I say ‘Abdullah, he is getting his gun.’ Abdullah pulls his gun at the same time as that guy, he shoots, Abdullah gets a shot off,” Hamayel said.

She said Mahdi suffered a head wound in the exchange, while McDonald was hit in the stomach. She said McDonald continued shooting as she hit the floor.


Ironically, Sana said Mahdi, who died from his wounds a few hours after the shooting, would have given McDonald anything he wanted if he had asked.

“He is the most pure man you can ever be around. He can’t stop helping people. And it hurts him not to be able to do anything for anyone,” Hamayel said.

At last check, McDonald was being treated at St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown.
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