Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dave Workman: Left’s hypocrisy shows in move by I-594 backers to join lawsuit

Readers of today’s Seattle Times coverage of yesterday’s motion by backers of Initiative 594 to intervene as defendants in a federal lawsuit challenging the measure - a story that broke in this column - are exchanging barbs but one remark brings attention to the left’s hypocrisy about legal action to overturn a voter-passed measure.

Said one reader, identified as “squirl033,” “Funny how the liberal gun-ban crowd complains when supporters of the Constitution do the same thing liberals do when they don’t get THEIR way... how many times have liberals, unable to get their radical agenda passed by lawmakers, tried to use the courts to impose their misbegotten ideas on the rest of us? and (sic) now the hypocrites whine because the shoe is on the other foot...”

When initiative guru Tim Eyman pushed through a measure to require a "supermajority" vote in the Legislature in order to raise taxes, the Vancouver Columbian covered a lawsuit filed in King County to overturn the law. That action was filed by the league of Education Voters and the Washington Education Association, along with a dozen lawmakers including Seattle Democrat Jamie Pedersen and Vancouver Democrat Jim Moeller. Apparently, it all depends upon whose ox is being gored.

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