Thursday, February 19, 2015

GA: Thoughts of 'romance' turn to Gunfight

The victim arranged to meet a young woman that he did not know..

As they were walking two males approach them with guns drawn and told the victim to "give me what you have."

The victim told the assailants that he didn't have anything to give and then drew his firearm, according to the deputy's report. The victim says they fired shots at him, so he fired one or two shots back. No was injured during the exchange of gunfire.


Camp says that several items, including a gun magazine for the man's firearm and his identification card which were both located in the man's SUV, were found in her residence located at 1200 Country Lane Drive.

"That kind of established that she was involved," he said. "Basically, she lured him to the robbery, so her actions are just as important as the actually gunmen."

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