Friday, February 20, 2015

MO: Domestic Shooting, not guilty

“My client was fired at after Riley had him in his sights like a deer in headlights; there was nowhere for Craig to go; he was a sitting duck and if he turned and ran, he was worried he would take a bullet in the back; my client thought he was going to die; he returned one gun shot from his pistol, hoping that the gun fire would cease and instead, Mark Riley returned fire, which caused Belcher to continue shooting,” said Swatosh.

Swatosh said that his client was acting in self-defense, to protect his life, and that it’s “what any normal person would do when threatened with a life or death situation.” “My client’s ‘fight or flight’ instincts took over, and if he could have taken cover, he would have, but Riley waited for his son-in-law to get approximately 25 feet from the vehicle before ambushing him, leaving Belcher with no other option but to defend his life with his pistol,” added Swatosh.

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