Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dave Workman: Liberal ‘lies’ certainly must cover the Second Amendment debate

Today’s Town Hall online entries include an essay by Kurt Schlicter that posits that liberals lie about everything, and while he points to subjects ranging from global warming to illegal immigration and terrorism, he overlooks one subject completely: Guns and the Second Amendment.

Schlicter could easily have done an entire column on the mountain of canards launched by liberals against the right to keep and bear arms, in Washington State during the Initiative 594 campaign, and across the country during every effort to erode the individual right to keep and bear arms. Indeed, many liberals cling to the myth that the Second Amendment applies only to service in state militias, as if the Supreme Court had not twice in the last decade ruled just the opposite.

By no small coincidence, Schlicter’s column appears the day after Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson warned of possible terrorist attacks at shopping malls, specifically the Mall of America in Minnesota. He advised people to be “particularly vigilant.”
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Anonymous said...

Soo...Mall Of America put up those "gun free zone" stickers and added a couple of more security guards,armed w/mace?
I'm going to start printing my "I am MOA" t-shirts, I'll make a billion bucks!!!........

Roger V. Tranfaglia