Friday, February 27, 2015

New Jersey AK-48

I came across this graphic at the excellent forum,  It is not very far off of actual New Jersey law.  If you read the actual firearm ban code in New Jersey, almost all airsoft guns (which are perfectly legal in gun adverse Japan) are illegal, and may well be considered "assault weapons".  It shows something about how things are done in New Jersey, that airsoft guns are widely available and common in the stores. 

Even the New Jersey courts have found this part of the law so preposterous that they do not enforce it... unless they want to...

New Jersey gun laws have become a tragic joke.

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Anonymous said...

It's not an exaggeration calling Nazi Jerzey a 'gun-owners' hell'! I know. I lived there for 45yrs; now I live in Free(er) America.

Despite what NRA and other groups say, THERE IS NO RIGHT TO OPEN OR CCW CARRY IN NJ - for everyone except the Elites. Go on - just try to apply. You won't get it.

AND, while I mourn for NY and CT gun owners, it seems that no one remembers that NJ 'led the way' with an 'assault-weapon' ban under 1-term Governor Jim Florio.

'AK-48' would be considered a weapon in NJ, and 'not appropriate under the circumstances'. Stun guns, bear-sized-pepper-spray, and even SLING SHOTS are illegal in NJ.

Come to think of it, the 'law' might as well say that anything that is not expressly legal in NJ is illegal.

I know most of the users of this site are familiar with Firearms-Rights Attorney Evan Nappen. Ask him; he'll confirm all of the above.