Friday, February 27, 2015

Rush Says Obama is Trying to Ban Ammunition

Heard on Rush Limbaugh Show a few minutes ago.  Rush mentioned the ban on  SS109 and M855 ammunition being pushed by the Obama administration.  Rush said that when people began buying ammunition two years ago, the left said that they were kooks.  Now they have been proven to be correct.

Rush did say that the ban was on specific ammunition, but that people should not be fooled.  They want to go after all ammunition, and they have to start someplace.

Rush is not a "gun guy"; but he is a far sighted political thinker, and he can see the incremental strategy used by the disarmists'. 

The first effect of Rush's raising of the  public consciousness will be a run on ammunition sales.   Expect significant increases in short term demand, perhaps lasting for several weeks.

I would not be surprised to see existing stocks of pistol and rifle ammunition to be cleaned out of Wal-Mart for the next month.   Most avid gun culture people have already been aware of the pending ban, and SS109 and M855 have been sold out from Internet and wholesale outlets for a week.

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Wireless.Phil said...

His bs never interested me.
Another loud mouth moron, ex drug addict.