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Dog Owner's Lack of Care Results in Violent Death for two Dogs

Animal owners are responsible for their animals and the actions of their animals. Dogs are not people. It is much harder for them to understand property lines and property rights. They have to be taught, and often, restrained. When dogs run free of their owners control, their instincts tend to take over, especially if there are more than one of them. Their instinct pushes them to bark at other animals, chase them, bite them, kill them, and eat them. If there is more than one dog, pack instinct kicks in and they bounce off of one another's behavior like little boys playing "I dare you"; with all their instincts pushing them toward making the kill.

This is why virtually all states have laws that allow owners of livestock to protect their animals from the attacks of free roaming dogs. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to restrain their dog or dogs, and it is their fault if they allow their animals to run free where they become a danger to other animals. Dogs act differently away from their owners than they do with their owners.

In Texas, someone was not responsible enough to restrain their dogs. It is reported that they were running loose and attacked Mr. Conatser's calf, in his barn. Mr. Conatser showed remarkable restraint. He did not kill the dogs. He went to considerable trouble to contact the dog owner and to warn them of horrible consequences to their dogs, if the owner did not do as his responsibility required.

Mr. Conatser's warnings went unheeded. He was forced to shoot two dogs. Dogs that were likely fine pets, when they were around their owner and under their control. But the owner failed in his responsibility to his animals, and now they are dead.

Mr. Conatser could not wait for a third or fourth time to intercept the dogs. very likely his calf would have been dead by then. He did what he had to do. A hard thing, forced on him by the irresponsible act of another.

I feel for him.

Mr. Conatser made a mistake. He posted a picture of the dead dogs on Facebook, no doubt out of frustration and anger that an uncaring person had forced this deed on him. It is clear that he did not want to kill the dogs, or he would have done so the first time they attacked his calf.

Mr Conatser is not the one at fault. The person responsible is the one who failed to restrain their dogs. From
Family friend Kevin Forester said Conatser found the dogs inside his barn a couple of days earlier, while they were attacking his calf, and recognized them as belonging to his neighbor.

“So he went over to his neighbor’s and told him that his dogs was getting in his barn and attacking his animals, to please ya know keep ‘em at home, put ‘em on a leash, build a fence, do something,” recalled Forester.

The friend says Conatser told him the neighbor didn’t care. We left messages with neighbors in the area, but haven’t heard back.
Here is the relevant Texas statute:
Sec. 822.013. DOGS OR COYOTES THAT ATTACK ANIMALS. (a) A dog or coyote that is attacking, is about to attack, or has recently attacked livestock, domestic animals, or fowls may be killed by:

(1) any person witnessing the attack; or

(2) the attacked animal's owner or a person acting on behalf of the owner if the owner or person has knowledge of the attack.

(b) A person who kills a dog or coyote as provided by this section is not liable for damages to the owner, keeper, or person in control of the dog or coyote.
Dog owners, remember that you are responsible for your animals and their welfare.  They depend on you.  I am a dog person.  I love and understand dogs.  It saddens me when irresponsible owners cause unneeded harm to the animals that depend on them.

Most people understand this and feel sympathy for Mr. Conatser.  But some cannot consider anything more than that Mr. Conatser shot dogs.  The volunteer fire department that Mr. Conatser belongs to has received a lot of emails.  Five out of six are supportive.  But one in six is not.  Mr. Conatser has received death threats from as far as Europe.  Conatser has temporarily withdrawn from the rotation, because of the threats.

Here is a comment from the
I love animals more than people - however - has anyone ever seen a dog attack farm animals??? Ever seen a dog eat a chicken alive, or worse yet, two dogs attack a cow or calf??? I doubt it, because if you had, you would ASK someone to shoot the dogs - imagine the sound that a normal cow or calf make, now picture two dogs eating that animal from the hoof up, it is horrifying, and NO it isn't like you can run up and shoo away two dogs in the middle of an attack. And yes - labs do attack. These dogs are dead because of the owner that doesn't care if other animals die over his lack of fencing.

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Wireless.Phil said...

I could post an ABC story on how 1 dog bit 8 people, they took care of that dog, but nit with a shot.

Then there is the YouTube of Palestinians shooting dogs with shotguns, none were clean kills, you can tell frim the dog's crying.

Wireless.Phil said...

No reason to be fired over!
Or maybe it does?
These idiots do things then post it like morons just to get attention.
Do a crime, don't post it jerk, and that goes for everybody!

'I'm in shock': Owner of 'trespassing' dogs Gordo and Spike who were shot dead by neighbor speaks out - as firefighter who boasted about killing them loses his job and gets death threats

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong. This guy will be charged. No evidence that the dogs were attacking his livestock.

I think you should update your article. Also, the dogs owner has now come forward and said that he wasn't warned in any way shape or form.

Look, the owner does bear a tremendous amount of responsibility. But that doesn't mean that your article is accurate. Conatser's story has a lot of information that isn't adding up.

C. S. P. Schofield said...

Mr Conatser made one other serious mistake. He should have shot the dogs' owners. Worthless, irresponsible, nitwits like that put a lot of animals in a world of hurt. They should be put down instead of their poor dogs.

Anonymous said...

The owner was within his rights. We have had to do the same thing. If you do not own farm animals get a clue. The laws of most farming states support the farmer. Farmers do not need to wait for dogs to attack in most cases. After the attack is generally too late. The stress alone can kill young livestock. Damn shame but people always want to lay blame on the farmer. For those who think he will not be charged because there is no "proof". The dogs on his property is proof. Oh, and the owner now claiming not to be warned. Warning the neighbor is not a requirement. He knew his dogs were running loose. If anyone should be charged it is the owner. Just like a criminal charged with murder due to the death of anyone in the commission of a crime, even if the victim kills the person. He caused the death of his dogs by his failure to control them. End of the story.

Anonymous said...

I think posting the picture was a good thing. Show animal owners the consequences of letting their animals run free on other people's property. Who's at fault here, are the idiots giving death threats.