Sunday, February 22, 2015

David Codrea: Cartoon demonization of gun owners recalls an earlier target

At first, the US News & World Report feature looked like a hopeful development, at least based on its title: “Gun Control and Gun Rights Cartoons.” Perhaps here would be a place within the mainstream where the

right to keep and bear arms would get equal time, with issues and truths explored through insightful art, rather than the typical ad hominem hatred some of us have come to expect from personal experience.

You have to understand, my view is admittedly jaundiced, after having been condemned by the Coalition to Secure State Violence (that name makes more sense than the one they use) over my response to an “editorial cartoon.” My “crime” was publicly reminding syndicated cartoonist Ted Rall that some of us would resist being “bundled off to Bagram” if civil rights were suspended and we were declared “enemy combatants.” Naturally, the CSSV had to lie about what I was replying to, which I pointed out for all to see, and which may explain why the link to that page on their website has disappeared.

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