Wednesday, September 16, 2015

AZ: Open Carry at the UPS Store

I have been a customer of the UPS Stores in Yuma for years.  I used their services to prepare targets and handouts for the concealed carry courses that I taught.  They have always been open carry friendly and have been very helpful. 

A few days ago, I was having a few copies made.   I had purchased their pre-paid copy cards, and had enough left over to last me for quite a while.  Lupe Paz was behind the counter and asked me if I was carrying a Glock .40.  I said no, it was a 9 mm.  We had a pleasant conversation about Glock models, and I realized I had never written about my experiences in the UPS store.

Part of that is the assumption of normalcy.  When things go well, we think nothing of it.  We expect that it will always be that way.  That has been my experience with the UPS store.  They do their job with a smile, they do it competently, and they are willing to help with any special requests, if they can.

I asked Lupe if he would take my picture to show me open carrying in the store.  He was glad to do so.   Just another normal day in Yuma.

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Jeff said...

Note that UPS itself is anti-gun and has its facilities so posted.

Dick said...

Yuma is one of my favorite cities. Spent 3 years there in the 60's and it made major changes in this NY boy's life. Glad to see there are still friendly folks living there.