Friday, September 11, 2015

Disarm: Defender Shot with High Point Carbine

This High Point Carbine was taken from a home defender in Arizona.

Long guns offer a lot of advantages as defensive arms.  They are easier to hit with, offer increased practical ranges, and can have more power and deterrent value.  They have disadvantages;  it is easier to take a long gun from a person than it is to take a handgun.  Disarms of armed defenders are rare.  Cases where the disarmed defender is shot with their own gun, much rarer.  It happened in Arizona a week ago.  From
APACHE JUNCTION — Pinal County authorities say an Apache Junction-area man was shot and wounded with his own gun after he went to investigate noises in his backyard and was disarmed during a scuffle with an intruder.

The Sheriff’s Office says the 31-year-old man is expected to survive the thigh wound he suffered early Thursday morning.
It is difficult to take a handgun without being shot, especially a small handgun.  There is not much to grab, and the handgun can be kept close to the body.   The other hand can fend off the disarm attempt while the weapon hand is used to shoot the attacker.

Long guns offer much more to grab, and leverage to rip them from the holders hands.  A defender recently took a shotgun from an attacker in North Carolina.    From
Bryant, 49, wrestled a shotgun away from one of the intruders and shot one of them, Peterkin said.

The primary defenses to a disarm are to not allow the attacker to get close;  guard the weapon hand, and a willingness to shoot.   Use of the firearm as an impact weapon is fairly common, with the risk of a disabled or damaged firearm.  Do not hold a pistol or a long gun muzzle ahead of you as you approach a corner.  It is an invitation for someone on the other side to grab it.

Realize that someone who is willing to attempt a disarm is a deadly threat.

Disarms are a dangerous tactic, to be used when the alternative is worse.  Assess the situation, and if a disarm is called for, do not hold back, take the opportunity and go all out.

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C. S. P. Schofield said...

I remember, years ago, seeing a reformed bugler turned home security consultant on a talk show. He was asked what kind of weapon he was most scared of in a householder's hands. He talked about the pros and cons of pistols vs shotguns vs rifles, and then he said (or words to this effect) "The time I was most scared was when I broke into a house I thought was empty, and the stairs were in the front hall, with a balcony running across the top of the hall. I heard a noise and looked up, and there's this guy with a hunting bow. And it occurs to me that a lot of people buy guns for home protection, but never practice with them, but NOBODY buys a hunting bow and doesn't use it. So he's going to hit me if he shoots at me. And I'm thinking about how much that arrowhead, that looks like four razor blades, is going to hurt. I called the police for him."

Wireless.Phil said...

The robber was right in front of him on the other side of the counter and he missed!?!?

Canton drive-thru owner shoots at, scares off armed robber
Suspect could be wanted for 2 other robberies
1 hour ago

Anonymous said...

I worked a code once on a real nice guy they say he was beaten to death with a base ball bat. Gun or club is a deadly weapon it does not have to shoot bullets to be deadly. If someone threatens you even with a fist you have the right to defend yourself with your choice of weapons. I stopped a fight once, the guy took a swing at me. in those day I was extremely strong. I caught his swing by his fore arm before he made contact with a sucker punch. I forced him to his knees an broke his arm with my grip. I think I stopped him from starting fights in the future. Now I am no where as strong as I used to be so now I carry. I have always been very fast on the draw and very accurate. I would rather talk my self out of a fight but I'm not worried about drawing on an attacker. I figure it is always their choice. the advantage of carrying two guns is that both hands can access a weapon.