Wednesday, September 23, 2015

D.C. Gun Owners Win A Major Victory In Federal Appeals Court

A Federal appeals court struck down a D.C. law banning the registration of more than one handgun a month. However, the same court upheld other gun restrictions in the nation’s capital.

The court found that the District of Columbia failed to make the argument limiting gun registrations limited the opportunity for suicide and promoted public safety. U.S. Circuit Judge Douglas Ginsburg wrote according to Bloomberg, “Taken to its logical conclusion, that reasoning would justify a total ban on firearms in the home.”

The court also overturned a restriction limiting the registration of guns to those who passed a test on city’s firearms laws.

However, the court upheld some of the District’s other restrictions. It upheld a requirement to register long arms. The court also upheld a requirement that those registering firearms must come be fingerprinted and photographed in person. Finally, the court upheld a requirement that those who register firearms must complete a firearms safety course. It held that those requirements did enhance public safety in the district.

The lawsuit is being brought by Dick Heller who won a Supreme Case 7 years ago that dramatically expanded gun rights across the nation. That case overturned a near ban on firearms that was enacted by the district.

There is no word yet if Heller and his legal term will appeal the parts of the ruling they lost on. However, Heller’s team has praised the portions they won as “substantially reduce the burden on firearms owners in the district without adversely affecting public safety.” The district’s attorneys have also declined to comment whether or not they will appeal parts of the ruling.

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