Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kentucky Trooper Shot Dead; Killer Reportedly a Ferguson Protester

The man accused of fatally shooting a rookie Kentucky State Police trooper Sunday night has been shot and killed, according to authorities. Kentucky State Police Sgt. Michael Webb told The Washington Post that Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, 25 — who was armed — was captured around 7 a.m. Monday, about eight hours after he allegedly shot and killed Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder during a car chase in western Kentucky.

Troopers gave Johnson-Shanks commands to drop his weapon; when he refused and aimed his weapon at them, Webb said, one of the troopers — later identified as a member of the State Police Special Response Team — “engaged” Johnson-Shanks and shot him.

Johnson-Shanks was transported to a nearby medical facility, where he died from his injuries, Webb said.

Ponder, the 31-year-old trooper, died hours earlier following a traffic stop, which turned into a police chase.

Johnson-Shanks appears to be behind the Facebook profile “Jay MileHigh.” The user posted photos from the Ferguson protests and from Michael Brown’s funeral, and the profile’s cover photo shows Michael Brown alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

According to online records, Johnson-Shanks had been arrested twice: in January 2014, for destruction of property; and in August 2014, for interfering with a police officer.

Johnson-Shanks’s listed address is in Florissant, Mo., next door to Ferguson, and the date of his arrest — August 11 — coincides with the riots that broke out following the shooting death of Michael Brown; “interfering with a police officer” was a common charge during the protests.

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Anonymous said...

Another example of murder by cop. I would like to know how many cop killers have ever made it to trial and how many did not. I think the stats would prove my point. The circumstances of the shooting never have to surface if they kill the killer before he can explain. there are thousands of unsolved murders but how many cop killers ever get away? better yet how many actually get to trial? there is always a very good excuse why they had to shoot the cop killer. he went for a gun and we had to shoot, the only problem with that excuse is the only gun he could have gone after was probably over 100 feet away. the old stand by he tried to get my gun, describe how he tried to get my gun when five of the cops are holding him down. What is self defense if it is not to protect your self and others from a serious threat? Run out the perfect cop I would like to have a look at him. I think there is not one competent individual that would say a cop never lies to save face or to save his ass. The name Mark Furman ring a bell?