Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Circle K Disarms Clerks, 3 Phoenix Circle K stores Robbed in 1 Hour

In 2013, Circle K was reported to have a policy of disarming their employees.  The working theory was that it was cheaper to suffer multiple robberies, (and risk dead employees and customers)  than to allow employees to defend themselves and customers.  One of the problems with this legal theory is that it encourages more armed robberies of Circle K stores, thus increasing the actual risk to employees and customers, while decreasing the risk to robbers.

PHOENIX - Officials are looking for a man who they believe robbed three different Circle K locations around the West Valley.

On September 6th between the hours of 4:20 a.m. and 5 a.m., a male entered three Circle K stores and robbed each at gun point.
In the screenshot, the suspect is holding a gun like object.  Is it a gun? My educated guess is that it is a single action revolver with the ejector rod housing on the right side of the barrel.   When I hold a single action at the right angle, the shape looks similar to the low resolution screenshot.  His finger seems to be on the trigger, but I cannot make out enough detail to determine if the hammer is cocked.

Details like that can make a big difference in the calculation of whether the odds of resisting are in your favor.

The robber has identifiable tattoos on each arm and had decent video shots of his face.  I expect that he will be apprehended shortly.

Wisconsin destroyed the legal argument that stores incur more liability by allowing their employees to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  They granted businesses immunity from lawsuit for allowing customers and employees to carry firearms.

In this case, not resisting worked for the clerks.  It may not be the best policy next time.

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Anonymous said...

it does not look like any revolver I have ever seen what is protruding below his grip hand. Looks more like a home made zip gun.

Anonymous said...

My guess? A Thompson-Center Contender [or variation thereof] with a smaller-caliber barrel, maybe a .22 LR, but possibly a .223. Hey, in the kingdom of the disarmed, the guy with a single shot is king.

Of course it could be a .410....