Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rob Morse: Guerrilla Tactics in the Culture War- Part 2

Thank you for your comments on the first part of this series. In part 1 I said we are in a cultural conflict where freedom is under attack on many fronts. I chose to talk about self-defense. Self-defense should be more than a right we reluctantly tolerate. Self-defense is actually a virtue we should support. In this culture war, people who love liberty should advocate for a better culture rather than sit passively as they lose their liberties. What would we do if we really valued self-defense?
  • In part 1 I said that gun shops and firing ranges should have voter registration forms on their counters.  Those same shops should offer an instant discount if you’re registered to vote.  (Wouldn’t you vote if it meant a one percent discount?)
  • A private school would boast about how many of its teachers have carry permits.
  • If self-defense were a virtue, then a private school would establish proficiency in self-defense as a required element in the school curriculum.  If we’re going to value human life then we need to teach you to defend yours.
  • If self-defense were a virtue, then schools would hold pep rallies for their wrestling, judo, MMA, knife fighting and combat handgun teams.
  • If self-defense were a virtue, then only the society for creative anachronism would continue to hold events shooting at stationary targets.
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