Saturday, September 19, 2015

Donald Trump's Policy on The Second Amendment

Donald Trump has put his Second Amendment position on his web page for the 2016 election cycle.  The positions put forward are not new or bizarre.  They follow the Donald pattern of political positions that are enormously popular, but which have been declared "non-viable" by political correctness and the Washington Cartel.   Donald Trump, once again, ignores the political taboos created by the ruling elite to prevent the electorate from enacting changes that the electorate desires, but the elite fears.   Here is a summation of the Donald's Second Amendment positions.  You can go to Trump's site,, and read them yourself.

1.  Declaration that the Second Amendment is a fundamental right that existed before the Constitution, and is protected by the Constitution, not created by it.  This is the Founders position, based on natural law.

2.  Change the focus of fighting violent crime from restricting law abiding citizens to enforcing the law prohibiting violent felons from possessing firearms.  Trump explicitly references Project Exile, which reduced the murder rate in Richmond by 60%.  

3.  Empower law abiding gun owners to fight crime, by putting the law on their side.

4.  Fix the mental health system to help prevent mass shootings.

5.  Oppose "assault weapon" and magazine bans, and all bans on firearms.

6.  Fix the existing background check system to make it instant, accurate, and fair.  Do not expand the existing system.

7.   National reciprocity for concealed carry permits. 

8.  Eliminate the Gun Free Zones at military bases and recruiting centers by allowing the military to be armed and to defend themselves.

Donald Trump has not held elected office, but he has hit on a winning strategy.  Refuse to follow the restrictive, politically correct rules about what is allowed, and what is not allowed in political discourse.  His Second Amendment position follows the same pattern as his immigration position.

Take the popular position that the vast majority of the American electorate wants, in spite of the opposition of the ruling elite.  State it in common sense language, then fight for it.

National reciprocity is a prime example of this approach.  National reciprocity for concealed carry of firearms has passed majority votes in both houses of Congress, at different times.  With all 50 states D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico having concealed carry permits, this is a popular position.  It only needs presidential support to pass and become law.  Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate to make it part of his platform.

Donald Trump is putting into practice what the American governmental system was designed to do.  That is, determine what the people want, subject to Constitutional constraints;  formulate it into a practical policy, and pass it into law.

For a hundred years, the political elite have followed a different paradigm, called "manufacturing consent".   Under that paradigm, the political elite determine what they want to do, manufacture consent among the population through propaganda in the mass media, and pass their desired program into law.  With the falling power of the elite to control access to information, the system of "manufacturing consent" is failing, and the original system of consent of the governed, is gaining ground.

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Anonymous said...

If Trump wins and the claimed 80% of American voters actually show up to vote and vote in what is really needed to turn this country around, the real conservatives, I think it will be one of the most exciting times in history. Government need not collapse but it may shrink like a prune until it becomes a raisin There is nothing in the second amendment that requires a national reciprocity of carry permits because there in nothing in the second amendment that permits, permits. Arizona does not require permits and we have not returned to the days of the old west and we were the old west. Arizona was the 48th state to join the union. My rig might make you think you have returned to 1880 but nobody has to worry unless I have to draw. The tenth amendment of the bill of rights guarantees the rights claimed in the bill of rights as rights that are with you any where you are in this country, No individual state has the authority to deny your right to self protection. No individual state has the right to stop you from exercising your second amendment rights. Amendment X reads "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, Nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." The second is in the constitution and there fore the states have no authority to interfere with it in any way. It is not a states rights issue it is a federal issue. "Shall Not Infringe" forbids the government from passing any laws or regulation or acts that interfere with the second amendment application of exercising our right to keep and bear arms. Because of "Shall Not Infringe" there is not one legal law, regulation or act that is valid they are all INVALID. the law is the law is the law the second amendment is the second amendment is the second amendment. There is not one government entity that has the authority to interfere with the wording of the second amendment or its guarantees. The bill of rights is a list of guaranteed rights the government can not touch the tenth amendment is the guarantee of those rights the federal government is required to protect against the states intrusion. the second amendment is posted on this site read it.