Tuesday, September 15, 2015

AZ: Phoenix Moms Demand Action Event Crashed by Second Amendment Supporters

On Thursday, September 10th, the Moms Demand Action organization, held a rally in Phoenix.  A little over 20 people showed up.  At least three people present were Second Amendment supporters. 

Two of the Second Amendment supporters carried large signs that made the rally appear to be in support of the Second Amendment.   

Dr. Peter Steinmetz was one of the Second Amendment supporters that was present.  He reports:
One of the leaders initially asked us “respectfully, to please go across the street and demonstrate there”. I noted that this appeared to be a public street and that we were there to support their overall message of reducing violent crime. We would remain where we were and continue to peacefully exercise our 1st amendment rights. She then gathered together the MDA folks and urged them not to interact with us.
The "rally" lasted about 30 minutes.   Robert Denny, a member of the Arizona Citizen Defense League, was there taking pictures.  He reports:
In addition to my presence, there were two other pro-gun people with very informative larger signs who stayed within the group the whole time. As you will see in the pics, their sign were larger and readable from the street.  The little red and white sign simply said, "Whatever it takes".  The effect to cars passing by was what appeared to be a pro-gun rally.  A couple of pick-up trucks with Marine logo came by and honked their horn, obviously responding to the large pro-gun signs.  The ladies were so thrilled, and took the horns to mean they were being acknowledge for their wonderful message.  The Moms Demand Action sign didn't refer to what the message was, so it simply looked like they were supporting the two male pro-gun sign holders.  Beautiful, really.
Several of the "Moms" read the pro self defense signs, and there was some interaction between the two groups.    Many Second Amendment supporters started out as uninformed promoters of more infringements on  the Second Amendment.   

The rally was aimed at Senator Jeff Flake.   One of the "leaders", demanded that Senator Flake support "Universal Background Checks" (UBCs), a code phrase for positioning legislation prior to  mandatory firearms registration. 
Legislation that allows for background checks, without allowing for government tracking of the firearms involved, has always been rejected by those pushing UBCs.

Bob Denny had this to say in summation:
I could see the even was winding down after about 30 minutes and left just before noon.  All-in-all, a very nice pro-gun rally of two with several ladies in the background supporting us saying, "Whatever it takes!"  
The lead picture in the Arizona Republic article showed Dr. Steinmetz holding up his "Guns Save Lives" sign, on the left of the "Moms Demand Action" banner.  From the Arizona Republic:
While the rally took place outside Flake's Phoenix office, the senator was in a Washington D.C. meeting with gun-control advocates from Arizona for #WhateverItTakes Day of Action, said Jason Samuels, the communications director for Flake.
The Republic article only mentioned one Second Amendment supporter, though two had signs and another was taking pictures.  

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Wireless.Phil said...

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Plus you have to take it out of it's belt pouch, attach it, then aim and fire.

Not an airbag!

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Anonymous said...

That must be exactly what we all want a bullet that bounces off of the target we are trying to blow away. Why not use a sling shot. next let us try a feather we can tickle the bastard to death why would anyone invent something to slow down a magnum bullet? This guy has all eight cylinders working but it is a hand crank engine. No power he just likes to see the pistons move up and down.

nightyzz said...

Omg im dying laughing - yes even 2+years later!!