Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Government Shutdown" Propaganda ineffective with Second Amendment Supporters

The Obama administration has been able to run roughshod over almost all opposition in the Congress for a number of reasons.  One that is put forward is that Congress fears being blamed for a "Government Shutdown".

This translates to a fear of the old media blaming Congress, and the electorate believing the media.  I mention this because of the recent CCN poll.  Here is the statement used to prep the question:
"On a regular basis, Congress must pass bills that authorize the federal government to spend money for a certain amount of time.  When that time expires, the government must shut down until Congress passes a new spending bill."
Not surprisingly, 71% of the respondents say it is more important for the Congress to approve a budget agreement that would avoid a "government shutdown" versus a wide variety of other options, such as eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood.

The implicit assumption in the statement is that the only party causing a "government shutdown" is the Congress.  No information is given to show that the President is at least equally responsible for a "government shutdown", even though all the President would have to do, in these circumstances, is to sign the budget bill.

The information that all essential services of the government would keep on operating, is not stated.

The background not given, and the question not asked are these:

On a regular basis, the President must sign bills that authorize the federal government to spend money for a certain amount of time.  When that time expires, the government must shut down until the President signs a new spending bill.

I suspect the same 71%, perhaps higher, would say it is more important for the President to sign a budget agreement that would avoid a government shutdown versus a number of other options, such as funding Planned Parenthood.

The media uses strategies such as this to frame the debate in a manner that insures that their agenda is moved forward.

Polls are often used to create public opinion, rather than to measure it.

One extraordinary exception to the ability to use this sort of propaganda to forward the leftist agenda, has been the destruction of the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment is so clear that a significant percentage of the population rebelled against being told to ignore the plain wording of the Constitution and to believe what they were told to believe.  They ignored the admonitions that only the "experts" could know what the Constitution actually meant.

The knowledge of the attempted manipulation lead to the understanding that people were being manipulated in other areas.  The old media calls this "manufacturing consent".  I am convinced that the Second Amendment was the example that brought the nation to the state where the credibility of the media and national politicians is at an all time low.  When the Constitution was written, it was assumed that all media was partisan and had an agenda.  

The Second Amendment may be the thread that unravels the cloak of the "inevitablitily" of ever greater government power.

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Anonymous said...

It took eleven years to write the constitution and the bill of rights. Every word was selected for it's exact meaning. there is no need to interpret any one word in the constitution it says exactly what was intended to be said. Shall Not Infringe is the strongest legal language that can be used without using profanity. If you do not understand Shall Not Infringe maybe this is more plain, You damn well better not fuck with our right to keep and bear arms. They were very religious gentlemen and preferred to use the strongest of legal terms. the word shall is a direct order. NOT is the primary form of Hell No. Infringe is an all encompassing word meaning anything and everything related to the keeping and the bearing of arms. There is no definition of what arms are in the constitution. by the second amendment the government has no authority to tax, license , register, limit or otherwise interfere with the individuals right to self protection in any way concerning the right to keep and bear arms of any type of configuration or its supplies for use and transport or it's place of keeping. A locked up gun is not ready for use and an empty gun is not ready for use. a sovereign citizens home is his castle, the government has no authority to go beyond the door without an invite. I have loaded guns all over my home because I believe that is what they are for, self protection. I do not need friends that disapprove. It is my God given right to protect myself and my loved ones and anyone else that may need defending where ever I may find my self at any point in time in any location. I could care less who disagrees, it is my right and they can exercise their right anytime they please, their right is to stay away. They have no right to deny my right.

Jerry The Geek said...

Well said, and worthy of reading by any and all.