Monday, September 21, 2015

WA: State Fair Bans Guns; State Fair Workers Robbed at Gun Point

Washington State Fair is one of the few locations in the State that bans the legal carry of firearms.  That policy is directly stated in the rules for the fair.   From
The following items will not be allowed at the Washington State Fair,
  • Weapons of any kind, including knives and all firearms
The effect of creating a weapons free zone was not lost on a group of criminals.  They used the fact that fair workers were known to be disarmed to their advantage.  Three different armed robberies of State Fair workers were committed in less than 20 minutes, on the 15th of September, Sunday night, shortly after the Fair closed.  From
But Strom had just finished a 10-hour shift selling items at the fair and had been paid $100 in cash.

"But then he pulled out a gun and he asked me for it all, and so I gave him $100 and just walked away before he asked me for my phone or anything," Strom said.

Strom said the robber was only 5'8" tall. Strom stand 6'6" tall. Strom said the man's gun made up for the size difference.

"I guess you feel pretty big when you have a gun," he said.

Just 8 minutes later and a mile away on the complete other side of the fair grounds, two more pairs of State Fair workers were robbed at gunpoint. Police believe they were targeted by the same group of robbers.
Police presence at and around the fair has been increased in response to the armed robberies committed by four young black men in a white Buick or Oldsmobile.

Disarmed people who get paid in cash are very attractive targets for armed robbers.  The reporter at wrote that the victims did the right thing:
In each case the victims did the right thing and handed over their belongings.
I agree with him.  Outnumbered two or four to one, disarmed while the robbers are armed, it is the better part of valor to hand over a hundred dollars.

In  this case, the robbers did not injure or kill their victims.   They could easily have done so.  No one can be certain that compliance will result in a lack of injury, but in this instance, it worked.

According to the research done by Gary Kleck, armed resistance with a gun is less likely to result in injury to the victim than compliance, but unarmed resistance is more likely to result in the victim being injured.  In Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America, the standard reference for criminological study on gun control, Table 4.4, resistance with a gun resulted in 17.4 percent injured.  No self protection (compliance) resulted in 24.7 percent being injured.  Physical resistance without a weapon resulted in 50.8 percent being injured.

That seems simple common sense, from millennia of experience of people using weapons.  Weapons make people more effective at violence.  Violence is sometimes necessary to defend oneself or others.

Anyone who pulls a gun on you and demands your valuables has to be considered a deadly threat.

Being disarmed puts you at a disadvantage that is hard to overcome.

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Wireless.Phil said...

They sort of tried that here because the gun shows are held at the counties fairs.
Ours said no!
Brings in too much money I guess, each fair could have the whole weekend at all the fairs several times a year.

Also tried and failed to ban people from selling Confederate Flags on the grounds its racist and a symbol of bullies. Failed too.

These PC idiots just keep pushing.
We don't and never will live in a perfect world.

Anonymous said...

Washington State Fair is a private organization.They can ban all they want,i'll chose not to go. Wa State has state preemption. Any county fair here can't ban firearms.

Anonymous said...

Giving in without a fight, absent fighting back, the creeps are just as emboldened as they are in knowing that they are targeting people in a gun free zone.

I concede that in this case no harm was done, but it is clear conjecture claiming that giving over the cash is the reason why. They might not have had it in them to do harm either way. This we cannot know.

It is a individual decision to fight back or not, armed or not, and each of us has to make that decision in the moment. This decision must be made with the truth in mind, there is no way to know if a robber will turn killer until the criminal makes his own decision to go from one to the other.