Friday, July 01, 2016

MO: Mobile Gun Checking on Schedule for 15 July Trial Run in St. Louis

An attendee at Busch Stadium in St Louis was shot and mugged in November of 2015.  Justin Hulsey was inspired. He designed a business to make events safer and more convenient for the public. Because the Stadium is a gun free zone, he developed a way to minimize the time that people will be left unarmed. He created a way for them to safely store their self defense tools during the event they are attending. From
Hulsey calls it Mobile Safe Storage.

He is outfitting a 22 foot-long step van with armor and security cameras and has hired security guards to surround it when it is parked in public.

Hulsey`s plan is to begin by parking it at Paddy O`s on game days, offering visitors a chance to lock up their guns, or any other valuables they either can't or don`t want to bring into the stadium or leave in their car.

He believes being able to carry a gun to the stadium will give visitors a better sense of security, while also cutting down on the number of guns getting into the hands of criminals.

'If we can just stop one firearm from being stolen out of a car and used by a criminal, we succeeded,' Hulsey said. 'This isn`t about making millions, it`s about making a difference and we are passionate about it,' he said.

It is an idea supported by former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch.
It is an business that many in the city applaud. Mobile Safe Storage fulfills a need.  But the Mayor's office may be using the zoning laws as a political power tool.  The desire seems to be to  prevent the business from operating.  From
Hulsey plans a soft launch on July 15 as the Cardinals start a ten-day home stand. But a spokesperson for the Mayor`s office says the company has no business license and that running a business from Paddy O`s parking lot is not allowed under the bar`s current occupancy permit, and would be, 'illegal.'

Hulsey however says he has been speaking with the city and believes the way he has set things up with the bar; he has done everything he needs to do to begin doing business legally.
Mobile Safe Storage will charge $10 cash for storage during an event; $15 if a credit card is used. 

Mobile Safe Storage is a for profit version of the Knife Check tent set up by Knife Rights at the annual NRA meeting in Louiville this year. Hulsey's version is a bit more robust and secure, because it involves firearms.  Justin Hulsey had the idea first, but bureaucratic obstacles have been adding delays to the implementation.  The potential for this business is considerable.  There are stadiums all over the country that would benefit from this service, as well as numerous other events. 

In Arizona, most public facilites are required to provide secure check in facilities for private firearms, if they ban possession on the premises.  Private venues may ban firearms, and are not required to check them.

Concealed carry permits approach 10 percent of the adult population in some states. All states have some form of concealed carry.  No permits are required in 10 states.  Missouri is likely to become the 11th permitless or "Constitutional" carry state in September.  If that happens, it can only help the Mobile Safe Storage startup.

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Anonymous said...

If I can not carry I just don't go. I trust no one with my guns. I have no idea of what my guns are doing if they are not with me. anyone could shoot someone with my gun and then my gun and me would be charged through a ballistics match responsible carrying is the individuals responsibility. If you do not know your gun is secured completely, and the only way you can know that is if you have it in your possession any problems created are your fault. then if anyone is holding your guns who is to say the paperwork could not be collected by any law enforcement I do not believe registration is legal no matter who you are and then you have registration without your consent. I have owned most of my guns for long before all this registration became necessary. I say registration is illegal. I do not want to be on any list for future collection. I do not have to ask anyone to protect me, that is my responsibility too. weapons are weapons and I have lots of different types many are not firearms. I do not see the word registration in the 26 words of the second amendment. I have had my own guns since I was 14. Piss on the registration system.

Unknown said...

If can't carry, I don't go.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody beside me think this is just a clever, SECRET back-door way to gun registration?

Gun owners using this service will most likely be forced to present photo ID to get their piece back.

I agree with Anonymous 7/01/2016 08:25:00AM: When your gun is out of your hands, and in someone else, who knows what they are doing with it - or setting you up for.

And, I agree with both commenters: If I don't go armed, I don't go. Anybody who allows their Right of self-defense to be denied - just to go shopping or whatever - deserves whatever happens to them.

JoeThePimpernel said...

You already became a registered gun owner when you submitted to the FBI's NICS background check when you purchased your firearm.

You don't actually believe that the FBI is disposing of those records just because it is illegal to retain them, do you?

The US feral government doesn't have to obey the law. Any law. They're special.