Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nice Truck Windshield Bullet Hole Speculation

Better image of bullet holes substituted, article revised to reflect better image

 In this image of the truck used in the attack in Nice, France, you can easily count the bullet holes.
I count 29 bullet holes in the windshield. The driver's position on this truck is on the right side of the picture.   In France, people drive on the right side of the road, as in most of the rest of the world.

The bullet holes are decidedly biased to the left hand side.  The shooter was probably in front of the truck  on the passenger side, aiming his shots toward the drivers position.

I suspect that the shooter used a rifle.  The shots seem reasonable well spaced, as if attempting to reach the driver as he might take cover within the cab, or as the angle of the line of fire changed as the truck moved.  The event happened quickly. The number of shots on the windsheild are well within the standard 30 shot capacity of a current French FAMAS G2.  It is also within the 30 round capacity of Mini-14 variants used by some French police, though they are often seen with 20 round magazines.

There are five bullet holes on the drivers side door.  The placement suggests that those were done with a pistol. 

The placement of the shots on the windshield implies a rifle shooter taking aimed shots. 

The NYTimes reports that the driver was found shot to death in the passenger seat of the truck.

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Wireless.Phil said...

News said the driver was shot while in the passenger seat.
They drive the same side as the USA.

Video shows truck driving through crowd in Nice, France
CNN - 2 days ago

Video posted on Twitter shows the truck that authorities say hit and killed dozens of people ...

Anonymous said...

There is a claim - - that someone jumped in the trick and fought with the driver. If true, this would add an interesting twist to the interpretation of the bullet-holes in the windshield.

Anonymous said...

I think most of Europe drives on the right side of the road like we do here Britain/England they are ass backwards. It was hard to get used to driving 98 miles an hour going to work in Germany. 98 miles per hour bumper to bumper. I got passed once by a Volkswagen like I was sitting still. He tried to get in line a few cars ahead of me and hit the snow berm, when I passed him he was spinning donuts like a top. Autobahns have no speed limit. 18 wheelers really scream down the road. that diver was probably screaming when he passed the security check points. While I was in Germany they had a pile up in England due to fog about 200 cars in a dip stacked up ten high. had to bring in a long boom crane to unstack them. you think driving here is dangerous, lol.