Thursday, July 07, 2016

OR: Jason Rorex, Open Carrier, Stops Armed Robbery

An open carrier in Oregon stopped an armed robbery suspect who demanded money at knife point.  The story was covered by, and has gone national. From
He said he flashed his gun at the suspect who then put the knife in his pocket and walked away.

"And then I was just relieved like Katie was ... that I had my pistol with me so that I knew he couldn't do anything at that point," added Rorex.

He said his date then called the police.

When officers arrived they arrested 29-year-old Adolfo Rodriguez of Eugene. Rodriguez is now facing robbery charges.

Rorex said he doesn't always carry a gun but after the recent events in Orlando, he made the decision to openly carry. 
An article at the quotes Jason Rorex.  It only mentions that he had his Smith and Wesson Bodyguard with him, not how he was carrying the pistol. From
29 year old Jason Rorex was on a date with his girlfriend, when another man jumped out with a knife and demanded money. Rorex pulled out his .380 Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, and the wannabe thief took off running. The police were called, and they quickly apprehended Adolfo Rodriguez. Rodriguez was booked on charges of 1st degree robbery and unlawful use of a weapon.
I did have to draw my firearm and aim it at the armed attacker. He immediately stopped his attack, and was arrested minutes later.
It is clear the Jason is an informed and articulate Second Amendment supporter.  From Jason Rorex:
Organizations such as Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety do not consider this to be a defensive use of a gun, since no rounds were fired and no one was shot or killed. However, everyone in the rational, sane world, would consider this to be a defensive use of a gun. Everytown and their affiliated Moms Demand Action have also pushed for gun bans in parks, thus opening up places like this for criminals to have free reign over unarmed victims.
It seems likely that Jason chose his words carefully when he said that he was openly carrying the pistol.  It is not mentioned in most of the news coverage.  It is mentioned in the story that Jason posted on his facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

informed and articulate eh? Gee, now that seems like something that happens when a person is familiar and practiced, educated, which happens undeniably best when hands on normalcy exists.

It is almost like there is a lesson here, ummm, and it even appears intentional.
If the right to bear arms is exercised as a matter of the normal course of a day, especially in a situation where those rights are not infringed, well, then proficiency exists, and as a direct result of both exercise and proficiency resulting from regular exercise we witness something GOOD happening - criminality is stopped dead in its tracks, and hey, as is more and more often the case, nobody had to die!

I see on these pages the point that defensive gun uses are so very hard to track as a statistic. This one here, where a criminal was arrested, is the least common because there a million and one happenings where a firearm is displayed in defense and the criminals fell, never to be caught. Notice, events like this one are becoming more and more common, the criminal apprehended I mean, to bolster all those incidents where the criminal actors get away. This is a result of the right to keep and bear arms being exercised more, also an undeniable reality based fact.

Let's just tell the truth here, ok? The Second Article of Amendment is crafted in such a way as to demonstrate its self evident truth. People over time have bastardized meanings of words trying to avoid this actuality.

Yes, I am pointing at well regulated militia in the specific. It really is this simple. That phrase does not, did not, does not now and never ever did mean government allowed permission, or even oversight! It means practiced and proficient Citizens resulting from limiting government authority so as not to infringe upon the right! In other words, when government is forbidden to hide arms away with prohibitions the people exercising their rights hone their skills every day, and the endgame is what we see right here in this article.

A Citizen makes a choice, their own choice unbothered by government interference, to go armed and the Security of a Free State is indeed expanded, defended, protected from the criminal element - and all cops were needed for was formal apprehension and then entered into the justice system where due process, rights of all observed and respected, takes the driver's seat.

This knowledge, this society of justice BEGINS with rights respected and protected and it ends with the same exact thing. The Innocent and the guilty alike, rights respected across the board. It always worked and it will work again - if those claiming to be the most highly educated finally wake up to admit they are not nearly as smart as they think themselves to be. More guns isn't what means less crime. More exercise of rights is. This instance is a great teaching moment, for oh so many reasons!