Monday, August 15, 2016

Easy to Make Your Own Guns

The more people that understand that making guns is not difficult, the more people will understand that "gun control" is counter productive.

AR-15 rifles are the most common sporting rifles in the country. They are used for target shooting and many states allow you to hunt with them. Surprisingly, it’s pretty easy for people to make their own guns, both legally and illegally.

Raymond L. Blackmer III was arrested and charged with one federal count of illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in November 2015, which brings up a question. How easy is it to obtain or build a gun illegally?

NRA certified instructor Kirk Whatley told 22News, “People can make a firearm out of pipes, it’s not that difficult to do.”
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Anonymous said...

I have owned a gun smithing lather for nearly 20 years. I have used it to make parts but I have never made a complete gun with it. The lathe its self will not do much but if you have all of the accessories required You can make almost anything. One of the parts/ accessories broke. I made a replacement for that part. It is like it can repair its self. It requires numerous measuring instruments and adapters. when you have most of those pieces it can cost more than the basic lathe unit. I made a cylinder for a 38 pistol, pieces for a cross bow mechanism and several black powder cannons. It is a fun but expensive hobby. I'm thinking about getting a larger one.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you, is this a federal law to have the identification? Someone I know bought a AR online and did not have to get this ID. Please enlighten me.