Monday, August 15, 2016

FL: Felon, Unable to Control Rage, is Killed by Armed Citizen

That first deadly case of road rage occurred in Tampa in 2001. Durham became enraged behind the wheel, angry with a fellow motorist. He followed the man into a parking lot.

The other driver was a cancer survivor who had recently become a grandfather. Timothy Gibbs, just 48 years old, was sucker punched so hard by Durham he lay in the hospital brain dead for days before succumbing to his injuries.

Durham had been upset with Gibbs after the two men exchanged words and hand gestures while in traffic. Durham, however, took it a step further and insisted on a face-to-face argument, then delivering that fatal blow.

Gibbs’ widow, Nancy, talked to News Channel 8 Wednesday. “I know it’s not the Christian thing to say, but this is poetic justice,” she said.
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