Saturday, August 20, 2016

OR: Second Amendment Supportes Enforce Rights at Douglas County Fair

A deputy tells an open carrier he has to cover up or leave. Open carriers win.

They were there to protest an incident in which police stopped a man who was open carrying a gun while bringing merchandise to a vendor at the Douglas County Fair last week. The man was bringing supplies to a booth run by the Oregon Firearms Federation. He refused to cover up his weapon and was challenged by several officers, including Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin before a call from one of the county commissioners established that the man could carry his gun openly at the fair.

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Anonymous said...

Texas laws may be getting better but the cops are going to have to be replaced. You can not teach an old dog new tricks and Texas law enforcement has been anti gun for decades. I think those deputies just got bitch slapped and they are not going to tolerate that. If I was a betting man I would put money on that open carrier being harassed in the near future. bitch slapped cops are very vindictive. They have no integrity in the first place and will not tolerate being told NO. I told a cop no once he began to vibrate like he was holding on to an electric current. I thought his reaction was funny but I did not dare laugh, one of us would have wound up in critical condition. He finally backed off when his best effort to cause me to do anything he could arrest me for failed. I did ask him to use mouth wash if he was going to continue getting in my face and growling at me. What he did not know is that if he had been successful at getting me to strike him, he would have been retired on medical. He really though he was a bad ass.