Thursday, August 18, 2016

Followup MO: Shooting of Bobby Sullivan was Self Defense

McDonald County Prosecutor Bill Dobbs says the August 10th shooting death of 37-year-old Bobby Sullivan was self-defense. Dobbs says witnesses confirm 34-year-old Gavin Meredith’s story that Sullivan assaulted Meredith at Meredith’s home.

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Anonymous said...

I have a concern that too many people are making the first choice deadly. I would never deny anyone the right to defend themselves, but for example if a 4 foot tall person strikes a 6 foot tall person is it reasonable to use deadly force. No one can determine all of the circumstances if they were not there. Under the law any assault makes it legal. but we do not need people going old west for the first choice. the 4 foot tall person may be a crazy midget. with a ten foot tall attitude. You would think a six foot tall person could knock out a 4 foot tall person with one punch, but maybe the 4 foot tall person was on drugs. to many variables to make a judgment. If you have to shoot, shoot. never shoot just because you can.