Sunday, August 14, 2016

MO: Father Uses "Military" Rifle to Defend Self, Children

"He jumped out of his truck, even left the truck running, came straight to the property owner and began to assail him with fists," Dobbs said. "The property got away from him, hollering at him to leave. They were friends. They worked together in the past, so the guy was saying, 'Just get out of here, man; leave me alone.' And the guy wouldn't leave so the property owner tells the kids to go into the house."
Meredith followed his children into the house and retrieved a rifle and went back to the door from where Dobbs said he told Sullivan again to leave the premise.
"He refuses; the guy fires a warning shot into the air," he said. "The assailant still doesn't leave the property.
"The guy moves back into the back part of the trailer house, has the girls in a back bedroom, and the assailant comes through the front door, makes the turn down the hallway towards the bedroom,"
Dobbs said. "The property owner says, 'Stop or I'll shoot.' The guy doesn't stop, and in fact, it's described as charging him, the property owner shoots once and the guy drops and dies of his wounds."

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