Sunday, August 28, 2016

NE: Rob Morse, Charges Dropped Against Paul Lathrop. His Story-

A friend of mine was arrested at a truck stop. The incident happened last February. Paul Lathrop was accused of brandishing a firearm and making terroristic threats. All charges were dropped earlier this week. Here is what we can learn.

Paul drives a truck for a living. He was instructing when this happened. His student driver was behind the wheel as they moved through a truck stop. An irate driver who was parked in the lot climbed onto Paul’s truck to yell at Paul’s student. Paul diffused the situation rather than call 911. That was a mistake, though no one knew it at the time.

It was a mistake because the irate driver later called police and claimed that Paul threatened him and “waved a silver glock revolver out the window of the truck”. The irate driver won the race to the phone. The police therefore considered the irate driver to be the victim. Video showed otherwise. The testimony of Paul and his student matched the video and indicated otherwise. The police only dropped the charges after Paul spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring a lawyer and being dragged through the legal system. The lawyer had the truck stop video to exonerate Paul. Here is the important lesson.

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