Saturday, August 27, 2016

MN: Armed Resident Avoids being Shot by Police

Armed with a handgun, Algizawi said he opened his door and was confronted by an unknown man who did not immediately leave. Algizawi said he fired a warning shot and then pursued the intruder down a hallway of the apartment building while his wife phoned 911.

Jacobson said it was at that point that officers arrived on the scene.

According to Jacobson, the situation became fraught with potential tragedy the moment Algizawi decided to open his apartment door instead of staying inside and calling 911. He said it was fortunate that Algizawi was pointing his gun in the direction he was when police arrived and that he complied with their commands.
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Anonymous said...

I'd say the cop was lucky, lucky that he wasn't another in a line of police who shot the WRONG person.

And since when is a person under threat of death unless they bow to the commands of the police?

Might just as well bow to the government whenever its agents bark orders - rights be damned. Right? After all, they are COPS!

Hey, I respect officers of the law.
But not officers of the King that some think can do no wrong and even when they DO wrong turn it all around to blame the innocent Citizen anyway.

Anonymous said...

until the cops start cleaning up their own ranks, they deserve no respect. it is time for the blue wall to disappear. they have a dangerous job, ok but we should not have to instantly comply to keep from being shot. I have been there. not a single one of them would face me in a fair fight. Most of them are brain washed to be instant cowards. as far as I am concerned they all suck. I do not need their protection and do not want it forced on me. I had to set down and watch my ex wife steal me blind while a cop stood by and dared me to even speak. she walked of with 10 thousand dollars worth of soft ware. and all of her claims were proven false in court. she still has the software and 120 k of my money.