Wednesday, August 10, 2016

FL: Teen Robbery Suspect With .45 and Barber Exchange Shots

It was drizzling a little outside, so they gave him the benefit of the doubt until he pulled out a .45 caliber pistol, pointed it at Green’s head and demanded money, Green and Pettibone said.

Once he had the money, he turned went out the door and, when he saw that Pettibone had followed him out, fired a shot over his shoulder as he jogged away, Pettibone said.

He likely didn’t count on Pettibone being armed.

“When he fired the shot, I fired back at him. I thought I had hit him because he fell, but he got up and started running,’’ he said.

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Greg said...

This guy did the right thing. Instead of getting himself killed inside the shop, he gave the punk what he wanted and let him get outside before pulling his weapon. Although engaging in a gunfight on an open street isn't the best idea, at least this guy lived to fight another day and it's possible the robber got hit. Hopefully, he'll think twice before he tries it again if he did.