Tuesday, August 30, 2016

OK: Assault with BB Gun Ends with Return Fire from Real Gun

Tulsa, Okla. —

When you shoot at a vehicle with a BB gun, you better make sure nobody in the other car has a real gun.

A man learned that lesson the hard way early Sunday morning, near the River Spirit Casino.

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Anonymous said...

I have several BB guns. Some of them are C02 powered. and have the power of a 22 long rifle cartridge. BB guns can kill if they hit the right spot. most of the gun laws say firing caused by expanding gas. It can be from burning powder or compressed gas like C02 or something to that effect. So BB guns can be very dangerous. I'll shoot anyone pointing any kind of a gun at me because I am not going to take the time to analyze what kind of a gun it is. I have .177 and .22 Caliber pellet/BB/dart guns. some pump up and some use gas cartridges. finding darts has become a problem. I have many thousands of pellets and BBs. My Dad got a little upset when he discovered my older brother had been putting paper targets on the wall for his special #6 shot custom target BB gun. the indoor shooting stopped when my brother got his first .22 rifle. My Dad had to patch the wall from the damage of the #6 shot. My older brother got away with everything, I never got away with anything. When my older brother got older he spray painted his car in the garage. He never thought to cover anything. After I left home I bought a car and my Dad told me to take it back. I said sorry Dad I paid cash for it and I am now out of the house. He said my mistake. it is hard to get used to you being grown up. I had a lot of fun with that convertible. then he had to inspect it and smiled. It was a better car than his. I always made better money than my Dad and when I was able to help with my mothers medical expenses. he started treating me like an adult. God has blessed me most of my life. My Dad was a very good man strict but a great father. He studied for the ministry, fought in the golden gloves and saw to it that I was trained to defend myself by professionals. I can not remember ever loosing a fight to an unsuspecting bully. he made it very clear that If I ever started a fight I would have to fight him. to this day I never start a fight, but I do kick ass and take names when required. Nobody has ever asked for a rematch. when you have to fight make it count. That is the reason I do not believe in warning shots. I do not waste punches or ammo. Now that I am 68 I always carry enough ammo, as if you can ever carry enough. When I step out armed I'm usually sever pounds heavier. BB guns have their place but not in a gun fight. The first shot always counts.