Wednesday, September 02, 2009

AZ: Suspect wounded during attempted robbery at Phoenix pawn shop: "A late Sunday morning shooting at a Phoenix pawn shop left one suspect critically wounded as police seek a second suspect who fled in a stolen vehicle, Phoenix Police Sgt. Andy Hill said. Police were called to the business about 11 a.m. after two masked men armed with handguns entered the store, police said. On their way into the business, one suspect pointed a gun to the neck of a 15 year old employee seated near the front door. Inside the store were two adult employees, a male and female behind the counter, and a customer, Hill said. When one suspect pointed the gun at the 15 year old, the pawn shop manager pulled his own handgun and fired several rounds at the suspects, police said. It appears the men intended to rob the shop, Hill said. One suspect, 21, was hit in the head, while the other fled in the customer's 1996 custom green Suburban with an Arizona license plate of AFC5540, police said. The suspect who was shot was listed in extremely critical condition at a local hospital. No other injuries were reported."

OH: Homeowner kills one robber: "Bradley Fugate said he had just opened the front and back doors to let some cool air into his Huffman Avenue home Monday, Aug. 31, when two men came in the back door and put guns to his head. “I didn’t know who they were, and they kept asking 'Where’s the money?’ ” Fugate said. “My brother, we kept trying to talk in circles to keep them calm. The black guy, he kept laughing.” That man, Danny L. Brown, 30, pushed Fugate’s niece down onto a bed while rummaging through a safe in the bedroom, Fugate said. “That was enough for me and it allowed me to get my gun from where I keep it in the bed and I raised up and fired,” Fugate said. “We got into the kitchen and he turned around and raised his gun up at me. That’s when I shot him in the head. It was a fatal shot.” Fugate said he fired two shots at the other robber, Shawn Jones, 40, who was able to get away in a cream-yellow Cadillac... Bradley Fugate is not facing any criminal charges at this time, police said."

NC: Homeowner shoots burglar: “A Hillsborough homeowner took matters into his own hands when would-be burglars entered his home. It happened last Friday around 11:30 p.m. at a home on Faucette Mill Road. The homeowner told police he heard someone forcing his door open so he got his gun and found three people standing in his living room. Police said he fired one shot and hit 19-year-old Christopher Williams in the chest.”

MI: Second Amendment March making a bang: “The Second Amendment March, which advocates for protection of the right to bear arms, will hold a Town Hall Style Meeting from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 26 at James Clements Airport in Bay City. The meeting will focus on what is happening in Michigan and nation-wide with gun rights and laws … The march is set to take place on April 19, 2010 in Washington, D.C. The Michigan march will be held April 13, 2010 in Lansing.”

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