Friday, September 25, 2009

Kentucky: Would-Be Burglar Stopped By Homeowner: "A Lexington man is behind bars after police say he tried to break into the wrong home overnight. A man says he was taking a shower early this morning at his home on West Fourth Street, when he heard something just outside his house. He told police he went around to check it out, and saw a man trying to break in through a window. That's when the homeowner grabbed a gun and held the would-be burglar at gunpoint, while he called 9-1-1. Police later caught up with and arrested Donovan Campbell. He's now in jail, charged with burglary. That homeowner runs a business out of his home, and he says he was tired of being broken into, so he decided to put a stop to it."

Tennessee: Woman In Shower Shoots At Intruder: "A woman in Mount Juliet got a scare this week when a man broke into her home while she was in the shower. The intruder quickly ran out, but the woman grabbed her gun and shot at his car. Police arrested Franklin Fish a short time later. The woman identified him as the burglar. Detectives believe Fish is wanted for several other home break-ins."

A runaway Amtrak of anti-gun hysteria: "Last week, the U.S. Senate approved an amendment to a transportation and housing bill that would require Amtrak to once again permit passengers to transport unloaded firearms in their checked baggage, or lose its $1.6 billion annual federal funding. Before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and the subsequent Madrid train bombing, transporting locked, unloaded firearms in one’s checked baggage on Amtrak was uncontroversial. It was only after guns were not used to kill thousands of people in those two atrocities that the current total ban of firearms was put in place.”

WI: Proposal aims to boost self-defense: "Proposed state legislation would give more legal protection to homeowners and residents who use deadly force to defend themselves from an intruder who has broken in. The proposal addresses situations such as Jamie Chen’s shooting and killing of Roberto Vega-Gil Wednesday, after Vega-Gil broke into Chen’s Fitchburg home with what police officials said was the intention to carry out a burglary. Current law only allows a homeowner to use lethal force as a defense if he or she believes the force was necessary to prevent death or serious injury. District attornies typically review such situations to establish whether a homeowner possessed a credible belief.”

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