Tuesday, September 01, 2009

TN: 60-Year-Old Shoots Teen Robber: "Police said a 60-year-old man shot a teenager who tried to rob his home Saturday night. Metro police said the break-in happened on Lindy Murff Court in south Nashville. The 60-year-old resident shot one of the two robbers in the chest. Later, the two robbers showed up at the Shell station on Haywood Lane in Antioch, asking for help, police said. The wounded man claimed he had been robbed and shot during the robbery. Paramedics rushed the wounded man to the hospital, and he is expected to survive. The other man has been arrested. Police have not released their names."

MS: Burglar fatally shot while entering closed business: “Jackson police say an armed burglar was shot and killed Sunday while trying to break into a closed business.Shortly before five J.P.D. officers responded to Gipson Discount Foods on1434 Highway 80 West near Terry Road. There, they found a man dead from a gunshot wound to the chest at the rear of the grocery store. J.P.D. Assistant Chief Lee Vance says the unidentified man was breaking in when an employee who lives in the building heard the noises. According to investigators, the thief was armed with a large caliber hand gun and a knife. The employee opened fire with a shotgun.”

CO: City looks into selling guns: "This conservative city is taking an unusual step to try to stem its fiscal woes: It's entering the gun business. The Colorado Springs City Council is expected in coming weeks to approve the final details of a program that would allow the Police Department to sell confiscated firearms to federally licensed gun dealers. Police have stopped melting down the hundreds of guns they collect from crime scenes, drug houses and civilians who don't need them anymore. The sales are projected to bring in about $10,000 a year, only a slight dent for a town that faced a deficit of one-quarter of its $200 million annual budget this year. But every bit helps, said Vice Mayor Larry Small, who proposed the gun sales. "Every penny counts," Small said. Colorado Springs is home to the Army's Fort Carson, the Air Force Academy, and the North American Aerospace Defense Command. People here are comfortable around firearms. Yet, the idea of law enforcement as gun sellers has raised some eyebrows. The Police Department objected, only to be overruled by the council, which in February voted 8-1 to direct the department to draw up the program it will consider soon."

Open carry challenge: "Saturday, August 22, I headed out for a busy day. First was a gun show in a nearby town. Instead of the old senior center where it is usually held, it was in an elementary school. Many hundreds of guns on the 70 or so tables, but I was required to be disarmed by federal law. I left. I had no desire to cause problems for that town or their gun club. Nobody objected to my sidearm, or even seemed to notice as I got gas and a cup of coffee at a local convenience store. Then I headed for WalMart in Gillette, WY, where I’ve carried many times without problems. Not so this time.”

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