Monday, September 21, 2009

NY: Police say home invasion victim acted in self defense: "North Syracuse Police say they are not filing any charges against the man who shot and killed two people who broke into his home around 1 o'clock Saturday morning at 115 Elm Street. They say Jeffrey Bush, 22 was acting in self defense when 23-year-old Thomas Lashomb and 26-year-old Wade Brown, both of Syracuse, forced their way into the home and attacked him. A friend, who was at Bush's home, jumped in and began fighting with Brown. That's when Bush fired a shotgun at Lashomb, killing him. He then shot Brown who died on the way to the hospital. Police also tell NewsChannel 9 that Bush's home was targeted and they believe he knew Lashomb in some capacity. However, they are still working to find out a motive."

Florida: Naked 91-year-old holds burglar at gunpoint: "This next homeowner is a force to be reckoned with. He's 91, he was buck naked, but he and his dog decided to go after a would be burglar. He held the man at gunpoint until police arrived. Deputies say they found the would be burglar on the back porch by the pool drunk and trembling, probably not how he thought it would all go down. He got more than he bargained for when he decided to mess with this elderly man and his trusty rottweiler mix. 91-year-old Robert Thompson and his 5-year-old dog Rett tag-teamed a thug trying to break into their Lake Worth home Friday night. Thompson jumped out of bed, totally naked he went to go check things out with Rett by his side. According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office 26-year-old Jose Pascual was the man on the porch. Rett pinned Pascual, but this purple heart World War Two Veteran wanted back-up. Thompson said, "I went in and got my cell phone and dialed 911 and got my gun." Thompson says Pascual was coming toward him so he fired a shot. Authorities say he held the drunk intruder at gunpoint until deputies arrived, but he's giving his best bud Rett all the credit for the happy ending. He said, "He's the hero." Pascual was arrested, Thompson was taken to the hospital. One of the shots he fired ricocheted giving him a minor battle wound. He hopes the bad guys learned a lesson about messing the boys at 504 North C Street."

TN: Anti-gun Knoxville pols allege “threatening” emails: "Knox County Commissioner Amy Broyles and Knoxville City Councilwoman Barbara Pelot say they have received ‘ugly’ and ‘threatening’ anonymous e-mail messages after announcing their support of a gun ban in county and city parks. Broyles said she has received 15 anonymous e-mail messages, including one that said, ‘Who do you think you are anyway? The next rape, the next robbery, the next murder on a bike trail is going to hang around your pretty little neck, my dear. Trust me.’”

NYC: Primary voters reject gun enemy: "‘Richard Aborn’s defeat in the race for Manhattan District Attorney is an unambiguous rebuke of the gun control movement by the residents of New York City. Aborn based his campaign almost entirely upon his work with Handgun Control, Inc., now renamed the Brady Campaign, and the policies which they advocate … His last place finish demonstrates just how far outside the mainstream of society gun control advocates are. A solid majority of Democrat voters in Manhattan have rejected their candidate and his ideas.’”

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