Thursday, September 24, 2009

GA: Shot 16-year-old during attempt to recover stolen vehicle but no charges: "Frank Lumpkin III, accused of aggravated assault in the October shooting of a 16-year-old — whom he found in his wife’s stolen sport utility vehicle — had his case dismissed Monday by a Muscogee County grand jury. The teen, who was allegedly driving the 2006 Lincoln Navigator, suffered a gunshot wound to his abdomen and lower back. He was hospitalized, then transferred to a youth detention facility. He was later adjudicated on a charge of theft by receiving stolen property and sentenced to five years in a youth detention facility. A 15-year-old who was not in the vehicle the day of the confrontation but admitted stealing the SUV received the same sentence. Lumpkin, 51, was with three friends on Oct. 21, 2008, when he spotted his SUV at a Fort Benning Road gas station. The vehicle allegedly had been stolen two days before. Lumpkin pulled in behind it and, with a gun in hand, approached the vehicle, he testified at a juvenile court hearing. Lumpkin also testified that he accidentally shot the 16-year-old as he held the teen with his right hand and the handgun in his left. The teen threw the Navigator into reverse, slamming the SUV back into the front of Lumpkin’s truck, Lumpkin said. Squeezed between the Navigator and the gas pumps and caught by the side mirror, he hooked his elbows inside the window as he was dragged backward and that’s when his gun went off, he said."

SC: Victim points pistol at armed robbery suspect: "The victim of an armed robbery turns the gun on the suspect. It happened in Andrews, Monday night after 11 p.m. at the Exchange Bank of South Carolina ATM on Main Street. "He said I'm not playing with you don't make me have to kill you," Felix Hudson Jr. said. Hudson says the gunman approached him as he tried to make an ATM withdrawal. "Got my wallet out and got the card out, and when I went to insert the card, came a gun from this side," Hudson said. Hudson did what the robber said, handing over his wallet and ATM card, but he gave a fake pin number. He says the robber got angry and pointed the pistol even closer to him, right over his left shoulder. "By that time the gun was right here and I spin, grab it, and turn it back out the window and hit the gas, pulling him," Hudson said. Hudson says the robber struck part of the ATM and let go of the gun. "I got out of my truck, started chasing behind him, took the gun, fired it twice in the air. He kept on running," Hudson said. Hudson says he would have fired a third shot, but the gun jammed. He then began chasing the suspect down Main Street, but he didn't get a good look at his face."

Virginia Tech continues to promote defenselessness: "A year after the obscenity where a lunatic took full advantage of the helplessness guaranteed by Hincker-endorsed ‘No Gun’ zones, The New York Times blog invited me to participate on a panel to discuss ‘Virginia Tech: After the Shootings.’ Naturally, I opted to challenge the readers to ask ‘Guns on Campus: Could They Prevent a Repeat?’ I also had a chance to present some rebuttals here and here. Rebuttals? Well, yeah, it was basically six antis against me. I didn’t mean for representation to be so uneven, but I guess they felt the other side had enough members with gravitas to make it fair.”

PA: Feds launch frivolous prosecution of Philadelphia gun dealer: "A Philadelphia gun dealer that has been the target of religious activists is now charged in federal court with making false statements and failing to keep records required by law. The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced charges against Colosimo’s Inc. after business hours Tuesday. … Activists have targeted Colosimo’s because of the number of guns sold there that end up being used in crimes. The owner has said that’s to be expected from a high-volume dealership like his. He has said he believes he has saved lives by selling guns to police departments.”

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