Sunday, September 13, 2009

Canada: Cab driver defeats gunman: "Mr. Slawter, 43, had just stopped his cab but left it in drive while he consulted a map to find the passenger’s destination. The passenger said something that was hard to understand but had a menacing tone that alerted Mr. Slawter to danger. Then he saw the man pulling a gun from inside his jacket. "As he pulled it out I saw it and grabbed it," he said. "I didn’t have time to think." Mr. Slawter, who stands about five-foot-eight and weighs just over 200 pounds, said he was able to pin down the suspect in the car. However, his foot came off the brake during the struggle and the car drove across a lawn and hit a tree, smashing the windshield. The passenger exited the car with Mr. Slawter still grappling with him. "We both went out the door together. I finally got the gun off of him." The passenger tried to get up, but Mr. Slawter told him to stay still. When the passenger tried getting up again, Mr. Slawter hit him. "When he got up, I took a big swing with the gun and smashed him across the head and down he went." The man stayed down and police soon arrived. Mr. Slawter found out later that the gun wasn’t loaded. His alleged attacker, Daniel Redmond Marsman, appeared in Dartmouth provincial court Tuesday afternoon. The 27-year-old faces 12 charges, including using a sawed-off shotgun to commit a robbery, assault and eight other gun-related offences."

Israeli opens fire on Palestinians: "An Israeli has shot and wounded two Palestinians in East Jerusalem, where Tel Aviv continues to expand its settlement activity despite international opposition. The 20-year-old man produced a pistol on Friday and shot a 13-year-old boy and a 40-year-old man from Silwan, a mostly Palestinian neighborhood. The shooter later told the police that he had been attacked by a group of six Palestinians who pelted him with stones and that he opened fire in self defense, Haaretz reported. Police said the two victims, who were injured in the legs, were taken to the nearby Makassed hospital for treatment. The incident sparked outrage among Palestinians who protested the shooting by throwing stones at police and some Israeli homes in Silwan."

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