Saturday, September 05, 2009

USA: Gun News

In Chicago, a proposed ordinance will mandate five days in jail for any person caught with an unauthorized gun. Second offenses would result in 15 days mandatory jail time, third offense gets 30 days. The proposal goes to the city council next week.

In Missouri, a bystander pulls out his concealed-carry 9 mm and plugs a woman who threatened two lives. It all started with the alleged theft of a bag of meat and progressed to a victimized woman holding on to the hood of a car for her dear life.

A gun buyback is planned for Nassau County NY on September 12. Unlicensed handguns in working condition can be traded for $200 each with no questions asked. Odd that it's called a buyback since it implies that the guns were originally owned by the government.

In New York City, with some of the toughest gun control in the nation, Mayor Bloomberg has proposed making it also illegal to carry a gun while drunk.

In the sportsmen's paradise, the Louisiana legislature has granted a tax holiday this weekend for customers purchasing firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies. State and local sales taxes will be waived. It's time to stock up.

In Tennessee, a new state law allows guns in public parks but it's not a clear-cut authorization. Local and county ordinances are tied into the new requirements which have confused many people. State legislators may have to revisit the issue for clarification.

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