Tuesday, September 08, 2009

NC shooting was self defense: "Police do not expect to charge a 65-year-old Faucette Mill Road homeowner who shot an intruder in his living room Aug. 28. "At this point we believe he was acting in self defense," Lt. Davis Trimmer of the Hillsborough Police Department said Tuesday. Christopher Jerome Williams, 19, of 626 Wildaro Court in Hillsborough, was shot in the chest around 11:34 p.m. He was doing well after surgery, Trimmer said. Police charged Williams and Audricus Southerland, 18, of 316 Lakeshore Drive in Hillsborough, with first-degree burglary. They were found at a relative's home, less than a mile away. Police are not releasing the name of the homeowner. He told police he heard his door being forced open. He got a pistol and found three people standing in his living room, he told police. He fired one shot, hitting Williams. After the shooting, he saw four men running from his residence."

Israel: Community service for weapons charge against farmer: “The State Prosecutor’s Office has made a plea bargain with Shai Dromi, the Negev farmer aquitted of murder after shooting and killing a Bedouin thief who broke into his home one night in January 2007. In several prior incidents, several of Dromi’s dogs had been killed, and his horse and tractor had been stolen by Bedouin thieves. According to the deal struck Sunday between the state and Dromi’s attorneys, the farmer will serve five months of community service for carrying firearms without a license.”

The outsourced American: "I’m sure that most of you have seen the advertisement for Brinks … An attractive young mom … A menacing prowler … kicks the door in. The alarm sounds … and her fear is calmed … the police are on the way. I always shake my head when I see these commercials. … Response from law enforcement, in the best of times, will be several minutes. However, depending on conditions, can take considerably longer, even hours in some locations in the country. When did we start out-sourcing our safety and defense to others? Americans have always been an independent lot; throughout history, we have always been willing to take action in our own defense.”

Britain: Gun licenses could go on medical records: "A coroner has called for changes to the licencing of shotgun and firearms after it emerged a man who killed himself, his wife and 15-year-old daughter had mentioned suicidal thoughts to his GP. Christopher Foster killed his wife and daughter last August bank holiday before setting fire to their home at Maesbrook, near Oswestry, and killing himself. An inquest into the deaths revealed Mr Foster had been suffering from depression and had mentioned suicidal thoughts to his GP. John Ellery, the coroner handling the case, has recommended closer links between the medical profession and police in issuing gun licences. The British Medical Association (BMA) has since announced it is about to update its ethical guidance on firearms and it is in discussions with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) over ways that doctors can be made aware of patients who own firearms.The new guidance could result in medical records informing doctors that their patients either held a firearms or shotgun certificate, or had applied for one.”

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