Monday, September 07, 2009

GA: Attempted robber shot by pawn shop employee: "An 18-year-old man wearing a mask and carrying a sawed-off shotgun entered a south Fulton County pawn store Saturday. But an employee at the store grabbed a gun and fired first, according to police. Terrence Colton was hit twice and was taken to Grady Hospital. He faces an armed robbery charge, according Cpl. Kay Lester with Fulton police. Colton could face additional charges. Colton was in stable condition following surgery, Lester said. Another man may have been acting as a look-out during the attempted robbery at the AA Pawn Shop on Old National Highway, Lester said. The second man fled from the scene and has not been identified. The pawn shop employee has not been identified. “He was within the law,” Lester said."

NC: Cab Driver Shoots Man During Attempted Robbery: "Police said a man pulled out a gun and tried to rob a cab driver just before 10 p.m. Sunday. That’s when police said the driver fought back, shooting the suspect. Officers said the man had just picked up a person at an apartment complex near the intersection of South Tryon Street and John Price Road. Police said shortly after that, the man pulled out a gun and tried to rob the driver. That’s when they said the driver pulled out his own gun and shot the man. MEDIC pronounced the man dead at the scene. Officers recovered two handguns from inside the cab. Eyewitness News confirmed the car belongs to Professional Cabs of Charlotte. The cab driver was taken to police headquarters to be interviewed. Police said it’s too early to tell if charges will be filed. Police have not released the identity of the driver or the man killed."

CA: “Open carry” advocates wear guns to mall: “A group of people asserting the right to carry guns stood in the courtyard of an Escondido mall yesterday, sipping iced tea and coffee with their handguns holstered on their hips. The eight sported white T-shirts that read, ‘Unloaded Open Carry … by a Law Abiding Citizen Is Legal Anywhere.’ The gathering was organized by Escondido Open Carry, founded by Escondidans Gerald Reaster, 69, and Donna Woods, 77, in response to the growing movement nationwide to openly carry firearms. Many of the patrons and employees at the Signature Pavilion on West Valley Parkway ignored them, but some wanted to know what it was all about.”

Get a Gun in DC — Do you feel lucky?: "It took $833.69, a total of 15 hours 50 minutes, four trips to the Metropolitan Police Department, two background checks, a set of fingerprints, a five-hour class and a 20-question multiple-choice exam. Oh, and the votes of five Supreme Court justices. They’re the ones who really made it possible for me, as a District resident, to own a handgun, a constitutional right as heavily debated and rigorously parsed as the freedoms of speech and religion. … Reluctantly, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s administration set up a process through which about 550 residents — now including yours truly — have acquired a handgun. But as my four trips to the police department attest, D.C. officials haven’t made it easy.”

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