Friday, September 04, 2009

Texas: Robbery suspect shot and killed in Houston card room: "A suspected robber was killed and another man was injured in a gun battle after three masked gunmen ambushed a card game in southwest Houston on Thursday, police said. Around 2 a.m., witnesses said the masked men waited for someone to leave the game, which was held inside an unmarked office park unit behind a shopping center. The gunmen burst in through the open door and began robbing patrons, one of whom pulled his own pistol, said Sgt. Juan M. De La Cruz, a Houston homicide detective. A gunfight ensued. One suspect was killed and one of the patrons suffered a non-life threatening wound and was taken to a nearby hospital. Police, who found multiple 9-millimeter shell casings at the scene, say the other two suspects fled. Police recovered card tables, cards and cash, and one of the patrons said everyone at the game knew each other. Police said they didn't immediately know who rents the space, which like many in the complex has no signage. De La Cruz said the gambling matter would be turned over to the vice squad, but it wasn't clear whether the game was illegal. In Texas, there's nothing wrong with money changing hands in poker and other games as long as someone isn't taking a cut. Identities of those involved were not immediately released, and no arrests were made.

Arizona: Armed homeowner holds youth suspected of burglary try: "A Chandler homeowner, armed with a gun, took one of two juveniles into custody after they broke into his home. The homeowner's 13-year-old son was the only person at the house, in the 800 block of West Elgin Street, when two juveniles knocked on his front door on Monday. The boy did not open the front door. The juveniles forced their way through the back door, police said. The boy ran to a neighbor's home, and his neighbors called police. The boy's father got home before authorities arrived, grabbed his gun and took one of the juveniles into custody. Police apprehended the second juvenile when he jumped from the second story and attempted to flee from the home. Both juveniles, who are Chandler residents, were arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary, police said. Their names and pictures are being withheld by police."

Tennessee: Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber: "No charges have been filed yet in a deadly Wednesday morning shooting in Northeast Memphis. Witnesses said a store clerk had to protect himself from a would-be robber, who was armed with a taser. Tonight, the man police say was trying to rob the store is dead. Before crime scene tape and squad cars covered Lana's parking lot Wednesday morning, a strange looking man caught Gary Belcher's attention. "He had the most coldest look on his face," Belcher said. Belcher said he was picking-up trash when a man passed him and walked inside Lana's Market on Macon Road. Then, he said, he heard two gun shots. He ran into the store where he saw his friend, the store clerk, standing behind the counter. "He had a gun in his hand and he was saying, 'help me Gary, help me.' I couldn't see the guy. At about that time, I [saw] a hand come up behind the counter, he was behind the counter and trying to grab for the gun," Belcher recalled. Belcher said the would-be robber used a taser on the clerk before he was shot, "He tasered [him] all over his head and his back nowl" Memphis Police said the robber later died at the hospital."

Utah: Homeowner shoots suspected prowler in foot: "A Hyrum man shot a suspected would-be burglar near his home early Saturday morning. The 42-year-old homeowner shot a 20-year-old man once in the foot about 2:30 a.m., said Cache County sheriff's Lt. Chad Jensen. Deputies responding to a prowler call found the 42-year-old standing in a back doorway, holding the 20-year-old at gunpoint next to a tree on the 500 block of Eagle Ridge Drive. The man said he'd fired one shot, but neighbors reported hearing several. The suspected prowler, who "appeared to be very intoxicated," was taken to Logan Regional Hospital, treated for his injury and released to deputies. The incident is under investigation."

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