Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DE: Elderly homeowner cuts one burglary suspect, shoots another: "On Thursday night, the owner arrived at his home located in the 19000 block of Bee Jay Lane. … He walked to the front of his residence and found his front door kicked in. As the homeowner walked back to the side door he observed two men police identified as Paul L. Spencer, 43 and Gregory B. Stewart, 49, both of Lincoln. Spencer and Stewart approached the homeowner at the side door, advised him that they were ‘looking to purchase a dump truck,’ and attempted to make entry into his home. The homeowner told them to leave his property. However, they continued toward him. Spencer managed to enter the threshold and grabbed a landscaping tool and threatened the homeowner. The homeowner retrieved a machete/lopper next to the door and swung it at Spencer and struck him several times on his right forearm and hand. Both suspects continued toward the homeowner, who fired two .25 caliber rounds from a handgun. One of the bullets struck Stewart in his abdomen. Both subjects fled the victim’s residence.”

FL: Residents strike back at intruders: "With handguns and baseball bats, South Florida residents in recent days have been striking back at home invaders, beating and even killing those who violate the sanctity of their homes. Two cases occurred in Palm Beach County. Thursday night, during a struggle, a Wellington homeowner shot and wounded one of two men who broke into his home. On Sept. 5, a group of men in a Lake Worth home turned the tables on a burglar, seizing his baseball bat and using it to break his arm. And early Thursday in Miami, a man who jumped a fence and entered a home’s yard ended up dead after a confrontation with the father and son who lived there. His manner of death has not been released by police, who still are investigating.”

TN: Man shot inside home sues his gated community: "A resident in a gated community in Nashville who was shot in his home has sued his homeowners association and property management. The Four Maples condominium complex in the Donelson area has a gate that requires residents to swipe a pass or remotely unlock it for visitors. But Marquette Weaver said in a lawsuit filed in Davidson County Circuit Court that the gate meant to keep non-residents out was not working in June and had been broken for a month prior. That’s when people broke into his home at 2 a.m. and shot him several times, Weaver said, and he’s seeking $750,000 in damages, saying the home invaders couldn’t have gotten near his Coursey Drive home. Weaver’s attorney, James Harris, said Weaver’s health is now good, and he has no comment beyond the complaint.” [I think he's got a point]

Stimulus winners: Gun industry?: "Many gun-loving Americans are convinved that President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress are bent on ripping rifles from their ‘cold, dead hands,’ as actor Charlton Heston once declared at a National Rifle Association meeting. But from the perspective of police departments — not to mention gunmakers — the Obama administration may go down as one of the most gun-friendly in history. Across America, police departments are using the taxpayer-funded stimulus bill to boost their arsenals with shotguns, handguns, and assault rifles. Among the general public, a record 1 million guns were sold across the United States in August alone, rebuffing expectations that, after 10 months, the post-Obama election gun-buying spree would abate. US gunmaker Smith & Wesson on Wednesday reported a 30 percent rise in sales in the first quarter, leading to unexpected profits and a rising stock price.”

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