Friday, April 30, 2010

Alabama man charged with murder after robbery accomplice killed: "A Northport man was charged with murder Wednesday after his friend was shot and killed by a would-be victim. Investigators say that the actions of Rashad Drakkar Hayward, 20, led to death of Christopher Antonio Collins, 18. Police said that Hayward and Collins tried to rob and shoot a man who ended up shooting Collins with his own gun on Tuesday night. Criminal charges will likely not be filed against Gerald Bertrand, 23, because he acted in self-defense, Northport’s police chief said Wednesday. Police say that Gerald Bertrand, 23, shot Christopher Antonio Collins after Collins, 18, robbed and threatened to kill him. Bertrand arrived at his home at 3405 18th Street at 9:35 p.m., Green said. He was walking inside with a pizza when two masked men ran toward him from across the street, he said.... Bertrand’s mother opened the door to their house and distracted the gunman, giving Bertrand a chance to grab the gun and shoot Collins in the chest, he said."

ME: Gun advocates open carry in park: "About 75 gun rights supporters — most of them wearing side arms — gathered in a public park to exercise their Second Amendment rights Sunday, enjoying hamburgers and hot dogs as joggers trotted by and a small group of demonstrators gathered nearby. Shane Belanger, a University of Southern Maine student who organized the display of guns, which included a machine gun mounted on a jeep, said the aim wasn’t to frighten anyone. Instead, he said, the goal was simply to show that people have a constitutional right to bear arms. ‘A right unexercised is a right lost,’ Belanger said as the gas grill warmed up on a sunny afternoon. ‘We’re law-abiding citizens, just having a barbecue.’”

Federal bills would repeal DC gun laws: "Federal lawmakers Tuesday introduced bills into the House and Senate that would repeal most of the local gun laws in Washington, D.C. The bills come less than a week after Democratic leaders withdrew landmark legislation that would have given the District a vote in the House of Representatives because of Republican plans to introduce an amendment similarly aimed at loosening city gun restrictions.”

VA: Gun lobby believes it can gain more ground for owners: "Philip Van Cleave wants every Virginian who has a permit to carry a concealed handgun into a bar to be able to have a drink — or he wants no gun carrier to be able to drink. That’s the choice that Van Cleave, the leader of the pro-gun Virginia Citizens Defense League, wants to offer state lawmakers next year when the General Assembly reconvenes. He said he is going to find a legislator to submit two bills to the body representing both positions. His aim is to force lawmakers to expand the rights of concealed-handgun owners in bars or rescind the current exception that allows law-enforcement officers and commonwealth’s attorneys to carry concealed weapons and consume alcohol.”

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