Sunday, April 04, 2010

MO: Argument in store leads to shooting: "The owner of a lawn mower repair shop shot and wounded a customer whom he believed was reaching for a weapon Saturday morning, police said. The customer was taken to a hospital with injuries that weren’t life-threatening, said Lt. Shawn Lane, a Jennings Police spokesman. The trouble started about 10 a.m. at Jennings Lawnmower Repair, 6502 West Florissant Avenue, with an argument between the owner and a customer. The owner told police that the customer came behind the counter to threaten him, went out of the store and came back in. He reached to his waistband, implying he had a gun and was about to use it, Lane said. The customer did not have a gun. The owner — identified by an employee as Ahmad Harris — shot the customer three times. Police questioned and released Harris."

Canada: No charges in violent struggle and fatal shooting at marina: "Police said Tuesday a man will not be charged for fatally shooting another man at a Vancouver Island marina during a violent struggle last year. Dennis Van Dooren, 62, was shot April 8, 2009, at the Bluenose Marina in Cowichan Bay and died in hospital three weeks later. Police say that three of five bullets fired in the double shooting were training rounds, explaining how one of the men escaped serious injury despite having been shot in the face. Van Dooren, was shot in the head and arm, and was transported to Victoria General Hospital by helicopter with life-threatening injuries. He never regained consciousness and died in hospital 21 days later. Police forwarded the findings from their investigation on to Crown Counsel, but did not recommend charges as independent witness testimony pointed to Van Dooren as the aggressor, and his victim was acting in self-defence." [Wow! You CAN defend yourself in Canada -- on rare occasions]

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