Monday, April 26, 2010

GA: Man Killed Near Nightclub, Shooter Claims Self-Defense: "Atlanta police said after an initial investigation, a man may have killed another man in self-defense. It happened at 1790 Cheshire Bridge Road NE just after 3 a.m. Sunday in the parking lot of the Dirty Laundry Boutique business near Club Life Nightclub. Police said they were investigating the possibility that the dead man tried to rob the man who shot him. Police said the deceased man was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Montana’s states’ rights showdown: "State lawmakers have done a lot since President Obama’s election to shake off Uncle Sam, passing ’sovereignty’ resolutions and a record number of laws that specifically defy Congress on issues such as legalized marijuana and health-care reform. Most make the same claim: that the U.S. Constitution gives the federal government power to regulate commerce between states but doesn’t permit interference in purely local affairs. Later this year, the Montana Firearms Freedom Act, which proclaims that guns manufactured in Montana and sold in state are not subject to federal rules such as background checks, is slated to become the first of these Obama-era commerce challenges tested in court."

Book Review: From Luby’s to the Legislature — One woman’s fight against gun control: "Suzanna Gratia Hupp’s new book, From Luby’s to the Legislature — One Woman’s Fight Against Gun Control, is much more than the story of the Luby’s massacre that occurred in October of 1991. It is a story about a girl and the lessons her loving parents taught her. It is about her family and events that made her the women she is today, the importance of being able to protect yourself, and the ability to change the world to make it possible (and legal) to protect your family in all the places you live.”

Are gun rights advocates seditious? "Many Americans are upset at our government. Approval of the job performance of Congress is about 20% … Gun owners tend to be among the political right, and Second Amendment support is a common thread among Tea Party demonstrators. All of us who bitterly cling to our guns are painted by the mass media as a violent bomb, just waiting to go off. From ex-president Clinton on down, there have been comments to the effect that the political right is urging any crazies who might be willing to … commit violent acts against the government. We have been called seditious. We are told that sedition is rising up against the authority of the state, and as practitioners we probably ought be muzzled or incarcerated to calm down the country.”

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