Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TN: No charges in deadly shooting: "Cheatham County authorities said no charges will likely be filed against a woman who shot and killed her estranged husband last week. Authorities said Diane Sanders, 51, shot Bobby Sanders, 64, multiple times at 2870 Mosley Ferry Road in the West Cheatham area on April 6 shortly after 10 p.m. Diane Sanders was questioned by authorities, but will not been charged... Duncan said Diane Sanders called 911 and admitted to shooting her husband, who had violated a restraining order by coming onto the property. The detective said Bobby Sanders told Diane Sanders that if he couldn’t have her, then no one else could and he threatened to kill both of them. “He came in the home carrying a gun. In fear, she grabbed her gun and began firing,” Duncan said. Bobby Sanders was found dead in the kitchen, he said."

TX: Naked woman got intruder’s gun, shot him: "While naked in her bedroom, a woman surprised a masked intruder, disarming him and shooting him with his own gun, testimony revealed in a Tuesday burglary trial. Latoya Harkless testified against Raymond Marlon Britton, 27, who police accused of a July 31, 2008, burglary in the 2900 block of Tarpey Avenue in Texas City. A man wearing black pants, shirt and a ski mask entered the bedroom, Harkless testified. He was holding a gun, she said. “He had the gun down toward his stomach,” Harkless testified. “He was more scared than me.” Harkless, while still undressed, surprised the masked intruder, and “karate chopped” the gun from his hand, Prosecutor Reese Campbell said. “I quickly picked it up, shot, he screamed and ran,” Harkless testified. “I shot again, and I kept running after him.”

TN: “Guns in bars” legislation advances in Senate: "Legislation is advancing in the Senate that would allow handgun permit holders in Tennessee to carry weapons where alcoholic beverages are served unless posted otherwise. The measure, co-sponsored by Democratic Sen. Doug Jackson of Dickson, was approved 7-2 by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and will now be scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor. A judge ruled last year that the guns in bars law is unconstitutionally vague. Critics say it’s unclear where patrons can carry their weapons. But proponents say the new legislation solves the problem by allowing individuals to carry guns where alcoholic beverages are served ‘unless it’s posted’ that they cannot.”

NV: Nevadans free to openly carry guns: "Just about everybody on the Las Vegas Metro Police force has heard of Tim Farrell, and he sometimes gets mistaken for a law enforcement officer. Farrell is a 29-year-old wireless Internet engineer — and a gun rights crusader. He is one of what appears to be a growing number of people taking up the ‘open-carry’ cause, advocating a constitutional right to openly carry firearms. ‘The open-carry movement has gained momentum over the last four or five years because people are waking up to their rights,’ Farrell said. Nevada is a better place than most for Farrell because it is ‘an open-carry state.’

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Wireless.Phil said...

Ohio is also an open carry state, but only a few are brave enough to attempt it. If I tried that here in our mid-size city, everyone would be screaming for the cops.