Monday, April 12, 2010

OK: Man shot by homeowner: "A Sunday evening shooting in Sand Springs sent one man to the hospital. It happened at 403 N. Lincoln in downtown, said Assistant Police Chief Mike Carter. Officers were still sorting out the details Sunday night, but they know that one person was shot in the upper arm. It appears the man who got shot had called the homeowner earlier and said he was coming over to do some kind of harm, Carter said. Police believe the two knew each other. Officers think that two shots were fired, Carter said, and the man was struck once. Carter said the homeowner originally said the man who got shot had tried to force entry. Police were trying to verify if that was indeed the case. "Then, the guy who got shot fled, and somehow got to Hillcrest," Carter said. The homeowner who did the shooting was still on scene Sunday night."

TN: Law enforcement coalition wants longer prison terms for armed robbers: "Law enforcement in Tennessee wants stiffer penalties for armed robbers in exchange for dealing with non-violent property offenders differently. Those goals are outlined in the Tennessee Public Safety Coalition’s (TPSC) 2010 legislative agenda shared with members of the Times-News Editorial Board on Monday. “We’re now approaching a billion dollars a year in Tennessee to trail ’em, nail ’em and jail ’em,” quipped Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols. “We’re paying out $100 million in indigent defense.” “Every law enforcement officer in the state of Tennessee will tell you that armed robbers need to be locked up as long as you can keep them locked up,” said Sullivan County District Attorney General Greeley Wells. “The armed robber of today is the murderer of tomorrow."

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