Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Omaha: Customer shoots robber: "It happened around 8:55 Monday night at the Walgreens near 61st and NW Radial Highway. That's just blocks from Benson High school. Witnesses say two men were trying to rob the store, when a customer noticed their gun. They say that customer shot one of the would-be robbers. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Homicide detectives were on scene. No arrests have been made.

NM: Resident Fires Handgun, Scares Burglars Away: "Two 18-year-old Las Cruces men were arrested after police said they broke into an apartment Wednesday evening and were confronted by the resident, who was armed with a handgun. Police said Ryan Galaz, Shannon Robert Vasquez and a third man kicked in the front door of a man's apartment at 999 Telshor Blvd., but were confronted with a .357-caliber handgun. The homeowner told police he fired three shots after he saw what appeared to be a knife. Las Cruces police caught up with Galaz and Vasquez a short time later, but the third man remained on the run. No charges were expected to be filed against the victim because he fired his handgun in self-defense, police said.

MO: Truck owner shoots thief: "Police said the vehicle's owner, Fred Murphy, was inside his home when he heard something outside. He went to look and saw a burglar breaking into his 2004 Dodge pickup. Murphy went out into the parking lot and confronted the suspect. The owner said the burglar got out of the truck and pointed a gun at him. Murphy was also armed, opened fire, and a gunfight ensued. The suspect was struck in the leg. Police are calling the injury to the would-be thief minor, identified as 17-year-old Shaquille Kirkendoll. Investigators said Kirkendoll remains hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the leg. The suspect's gun was recovered from the scene. Police said charges are not likely against Murphy since the suspect was armed. However, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office issued charges of theft/stealing, armed criminal action and stealing of a motor vehicle, against Kirkendoll."

Treaties may enforce gun control: "Right now, Washington is scheming and scamming to erode and then erase the Second Amendment from our Constitution. And it will accomplish it through the signing of international treaties on gun control, bypassing the normal legislative process in Congress, tightening regulations upon firearm and ammunition manufacturers, using the anti-gun financing of tycoons and ultimately confiscating all firearms under the guise of terrorism patrol and enforcement. Without public debate and cloaked in secrecy, gun control covertly will come upon us like a thief in the night. One day, we will wake up to discover that the U.S. has signed a global treaty that will prohibit any transfer of firearm ownership, force reductions in the number of firearms privately owned and eventually eradicate the planet of guns for law-abiding citizens. Of course, the criminals still will have their guns illegally. And on that day, if you do not comply with that global treaty, you will be fined and face imprisonment."

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On that day is the day I become a partisan.