Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Florida: Homeowner Shoots At Teen Burglar Caught In Act: "A DeLand homeowner opened fire on a teenager he saw breaking into his house on East New Street Monday. The bullet didn’t hit the teen, but the homeowner still helped police make an arrest; the homeowner held down the suspect until the police got there. Daven Woulard was coming home from the store and, from the street, his wife who was with him in the car saw two legs sticking out of a window. It’s the window to their son’s bedroom. Woulard was not about to let anyone break into his home. He pulled into his driveway in a hurry, jumped out of the car and grabbed his .44-magnum handgun, which he has a permit to carry. Woulard told the young boy to get out of the house and, when he didn’t react right away, fired a shot into the ground. That made the 16-year-old move a little quicker. At that point, the teen did everything Woulard told him to do, holding still until the police got there... Police arrested Jarrett Holloman and charged him with burglary"

MI: Good Samaritan Stops Bank Robbery Suspect: "At 10:00 a.m. Monday, a man is accused of passing a note to a teller at the National City Bank on Woodward, and then grabbing the cash and running out the door. Good Samartian Michael Farrow saw him running down the street and decided to get involved. Farrow has a CCW and was carrying a gun when he told the man to stop and get down. "He actually thought I was a police officer at the time," he said. Police arrived seconds later, taking 49-year-old Robert Lee Chandler into custody. He is a parolee, who police say has an extensive criminal history. The suspect will face charges. Farrow's two sons, who were with their father at the time, also helped out. "They recovered the money blowing down the street.

NH: Residents protest gun laws: "Some of them armed with handguns and rifles, more than 30 people gathered Saturday on the State House plaza to protest laws that restrict gun ownership. The peaceful rally included the denunciation of state lawmakers who last year voted to ban firearms in the capitol building. ‘You need to remember in November that some of these people want you defenseless,’ Jennifer Coffey, a state representative from Andover, said about the next election. The Statehouse firearm ban, coupled with other New Hampshire and federal laws, prompted the gun owners to demonstrate in Concord. They contend their Second Amendment rights are under threat by a sprawling government that could potentially disarm them.”

Thanks to the “fruitcakes,” we’re safe from despotism: "I was surprised by your statement, ‘One of the fruitcake arguments spouted by rabid advocates of the Second Amendment is their need to possess weapons to protect themselves from the government’ (Cheers & Jeers, April 2). That is precisely the reason the Bill of Rights is included in the Constitution: to protect us from the government. Who else could restrict our right to speech, assembly, press and about 15 other rights? The Founding Fathers knew despots invariably restricted these rights and called in the weapons once a country was conquered. Those ‘fruitcake arguments’ made sure a despotic administration could not do the same to us. Thank heavens for the ‘rabid advocates’ who wrote our Constitution"

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